Monday, May 22, 2017

More Doctor Blow Offs

I wanted to get going on dopamine treatment of some kind as it has immune system considerations, in particular for my prostate cancer. (I am ADD, and by definition, dopamine deficient. And there are a number of scientific papers which correlate cancer to dopamine deficiency, dopamine being an immune system mediator among its many significant roles on the so-called "peripheral systems", aka, non-Central Nervous System). Referrals take a year or more sometimes, and I wanted to get on with this so I tried for a appointment to see the "good doctor", the one that has been helpful on some fronts in the last two years, but not with respect to dopamine despite her name dropping of a certain past helpful Rx last visit in 01-2017. So when I got a phone appointment for this major initiative (as I see it, and I have mentioned this to her before), I was not impressed.

And so today's 15 min. phone appointment turned into a big nothing. No Rx, and "wait" again, for the useless jerk urologist to review my PSA test in a month. Wait for what? More cancer to show up for crissakes? If no cancer then what?

And what IS IT ABOUT MY STATE OF DOPAMINE, that so interests a Psychopathic Confederacy that they ripped me off from taking a very useful Rx that increased my dopamine and made me well from 2000 to 04-2002, when this reign of abusive terror suddenly began? Bad enough in dealing with ADD for 46 years, then I start getting better in 2000, and then hounds of extreme hell descend on me in 04-2002 with a concocted story to which the criminal shrinks complied, to then force me to take medications that blocked dopamine and predictably, made me feel substantially worse. It was fucking criminal then, and is now, and was nothing short of living in a gulag in a supposedly free country, Canada. (With US based support too).

There ought to be an award for outstanding clinical criminality called the Dr. Ewan Cameron Award for Clinical Criminality, named after the CIA supported mofo who trashed patient/victims brains in Montreal, 1950-1962 roughly. If I were to award it, it would go to the certain doctor who pulled the above mentioned involuntary dopamine blocking enforcement stunt in 2002, and then in 2003 for five months. I will never forgive that asshole as long as I live. Other TI's report fast and loose "treatment"/abuse at the hands of psychiatrists, which begs the question as to whether they are all corrupted.

I just may of met the Scottish immigrant Dr Ewan Cameron mofo, as he did do "psychiatry" on children as reported by Carol Rutz, "A Nation Betrayed", and I lived in Montreal in 1956-57 and 1958-59. Though that would be during the memory deleted years 1956-59, aged 2-5 y.o. It is most curious the perps arrange these warbling Scottish accented Fuckwits to say something in my presence, and I simply cannot stand their accent, another new dislike that has erupted since they went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002.  Books....

So here we are now, 15 years since 04-2002 that began as senseless and relentless abuse such as directed head beam pain, gangstalking, extra-conventional physical activity, plasma and maser beams and being kept in a densified magnetic field, and still the assholes are  blocking my access to dopamine treatment. And the urgency is not so much ADD, but urinary problems, prostate cancer, dysthymia, low libido and a few others I won't get into. And still they thwart me, yet continue to manage, if not worsen, these symptoms. And of course, obstruct treatment.

Don't forget that from 1996-2000 that the assholes had three shrinks and a neurologist blow me off about not having ADD. I had read the clinical text books the doctors study, and it seemed to be plain obvious. Finally I got a SPECT scan and it was exactly as I diagnosed myself; ADD-Inattentive subtype. Chances are that I didn't "happen" to run into a string of inept clinicians, but it too was another insane obstruction of medical care that I desperately needed at the time. And here we go again; fucking the victim out of his needed Rx when it is plain obvious what the diagnosis is, (further supported by a recent urine test) and this whole clinical atrocity is now repeating again 20 years later. One has to given them credit for tenacity, but why not leave me the fuck alone? Or else let the cancer rip and call it done. I simply cannot handle this insane and relentless obstruction of my medical care, especially after being put through the hoops and mazes of researching the problem (again), all to hit the another wall (per above). Just leave me the fuck alone or let me die.

Given the government notion of regarding addiction as a criminal event, it makes me wonder if there isn't a bigger game out there, called Non-Consensual Population Dopamine Reduction Research, littered with the human wreckage that addictions bring. And how many centuries has this been going on? And here we have it; the path of all addictions lead to dopamine.

Planting vines all day today; the perps seem to like me doing planting, as much as weeding. No wonder they have me alternate these activities in the same day.

Got screwed out of yoga again while all dressed up for it as I got a phone call from my Farmer Friend (who never normally calls), and lo, if it wasn't timed to have me "forget" to go to yoga.  This is the second week in succession of this stunt, and will be followed by a third as next Monday is a national holiday. The perps never pull one-of yoga class obstructions but string them into twos and threes. So here we go again. More pointless and senseless obstructions over fuck all.

Digging all day today; first holes for planted vines all morning, and then back to weeding. The rain was on-off, and on when the planting holes were dug, and the boss man gave the crew the option of working in the afternoon. Only the NZ woman and I took up the offer, so I worked with her digging weeds all afternoon. Again; on-off rain in the afternoon.

Then to the tire shop to have my summer times put on, as I packed them in my vehicle in the morning, and they stayed in the vehicle all day. And one can always expect extra hijinks when it comes to tires, as the perps are totally nuts about them. (Tire rubber has earth (photonic) energies in it from the tree growth).

Before waiting there I went to the nearby specialty grocery store and as I entered, the construction babe from last year's house build next to the vineyard was at the checkout, but looking the other way. No big deal; I get these "sightings" all the time nowadays. I did my shopping for 10 minutes and went to the grocery section, and then three gangstalkers arrived. One stood exactly in front of the ginger which was the one remaining item I wanted to get, and stayed just standing there not even pretending to shop. Eventually I gave up and went to the check out. All to go through another cashier swap, becoming standard perp practice nowadays. The more attractive one was swapped out after the customer in front of me and I got the fugly older woman, a long time regular.

Anyhow, I wander the block or so back to the tire shop, and lo, from a parked black pickup truck, out pops said construction babe to say hello, as she was headed to Value Village next door. We chatted for a minute or so, she getting a little close, and went our separate ways. She was going to Value Village to get a yellow shirt she said, and lo, if a useless taxi parking up the street wasn't yellow. Given the timing, she should of been long gone, or a least, not sitting in her boyfriend's truck when I was walking by, but I am now long familiar with these managed coincidences.

Then I wait at the tire shop, and the cutie from the shoemaker shop "happens" to be stopping by. She is always friendly to me (no pleasant/unpleasant/ignore me turncoat games), and per usual, greeted me with her warm smile. I responded in kind, and noted that she is now blonde, formerly brunette. It seemed that she was in for major vehicle repairs from what I overheard. So two babes I happened to peripherally know arrive into my sphere within 5 minutes of each other while dealing with automotive tires.

I also got the "kiddie stalk treatment" while in the waiting area. A woman who was playing with her 3 year old son outside all the time (20 min.) while I was out shopping, brings him into the tire shop and he ends up in the seat beside me, being hyper, and just about runs into me, no doubt another exercise in testing my L side peripheral vision for threat assessments. The kid seemed to be extremely reluctant to sit beside me at first, being directed by his mother a few times. Like WTF; was it some kind of glow all around me or something else?

And lo, if the mechanic didn't discover a leaking power steering pump while the vehicle was up on the hoist. I had noticed that it made extra noise while turning, so no doubt I have more vehicle repairs to suck down my meager savings.

Yes, the power steering is going for a crap, though the fluid isn't leaking too much. I phoned the automotive (and tire) shop per above, and they cannot book me in until Friday (Wednesday today). So here we are, just ahead of a May long weekend, and my ass will be against the wall as to whether these repairs can be done, and at least, economically done.

A similar work day as yesterday, but with no rain, and even a little sun. I was planting all morning with the new girl, and then weeding in the afternoon with the NZ woman. This time I brought my 18V battery powered grinder to work and sharpened her's and my shovels which made a big difference in reducing weeding effort. But not enough to prevent a two hour nap attack this evening. As usual, I have not been running a sleep deficit.

Though the perps pulling nap attacks when starting into new books is not new; I received "The US Navy's Secret Space Program & Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance" yesterday, and somehow "forgot" to take it to work to read over the 45 min. lunch break. (I was allowed to remember to take the grinder and a book for the NZ woman).

Another "forget" in bringing the above book to work to read at break. Instead, I was entertained by a marmot for 40 minutes at lunch while listening to music in my vehicle.

And it was digging weeds all day today, the first half by myself, which I didn't expect. Therefore, no headphones were taken to work, so I got to listen the many aircraft overhead instead. Quite a variety of aerial stalkers today, even a pair of single engine aircraft in formation, both of the same type/make. The aerial fire drop tanker was in action again for two over-flights; on one pass it was trailing smoke in some kind of trajectory trace capacity I assume. It was not related to engine failure or anything irregular.

At 1000h, the first break, it was getting very sunny and warm, and so I changed into my shorts. And lo, 15 minutes later, the sun was behind cloud for the rest of the day, though still warm. I cannot count the number of times the perps play sunlight exposure games when I get ready for getting a decent tan.

And I see that the power steering fluid is leaking a whole lot now; the reservoir was drained today after I topped it up yesterday. It gets seen to tomorrow, and with attendant wallet impact anxiety. Another perp specialty; crank the angst. Just hilarious.

Got a ride from the boss man this morning, so my vehicle could be dropped off at the repair shop. And lo, if the power steering pump needs replacement. Had I not got screwed around and ordered it on online that night it might of made it here by today, and I would of saved $120 in the process. Buying parts from repair shops is getting too expensive. And so, into a long weekend with very limited driving capability.

Shoot thinning in the vineyard all day today, breaking the toil of hard labor of digging the weeds. And nice weather too; the storms came later in the evening in a stroke of good timing (ahem).

Saturday, and sunny weather the whole day. Not that I could get tanned for hours on end as my knee cap injured colleague needed to be ferried about, and I got some errands done too.

The power steering pump was leaking plenty, so I didn't go far.

Just finished reading "The US Navy's Secret Space Program & Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance" by Michael Salla. The book has plenty of substantiating documentation and eye witness reports to indicate the US Navy has space ships on high. This was also confirmed by the inadvertent release of their crew movement orders to ships that didn't exist (sea borne ones) in a leak of their data by a UK hacker a few years back. From the book, it would seem that the FBI, Navy and the Russians have a strong alliance with the Nordics. But the CIA and the rest of the US military, and former Nazis, have an alliance with the Reptilians, the archenemies of the Nordics. The latter have large bases in Antarctica. The Nordics have bases in Utah to help construct the kilometers long Navy space ships apparently. Obviously unconventional propulsion systems are involved in getting these monstrosities to fly, and hold their position above the Earth.

Also interesting is that the son of a US Navy admiral, Leslie Oliver IV was likely the pass-through of the US Navy's knowledge of space technology and the players, and that this was conveyed to Gene Rodenberry who created Star Trek from what he was told. The Nordics are the Vulcans, and the Reptilians are the Klingons. Another "soft disclosure" in the parlance of this book. As is Battlestar Galactica, also fomented by Leslie Oliver. Interesting, as it confirms what I saw on about deep technology concepts being released to form the premise of science fiction films.

The book was published in early 2017, and has a chapter on US President Trump being a US Navy supporter, as well as his warm contacts with Putin and Russia. And too, the FBI gave him a big assist before the November 2016 presidential elections by strangely invoking suspicions about Hillary Clinton that were retracted. It does make one wonder how on Earth (so to speak) the Trump administration can disrupt the embedded Reptilian control of most of the US defense apparatus.  The book also suggests there will be public release of government involvement with extraterrestrials, but I am not optimistic as the lid has been nailed down countless times over this aspect.

Another snippet of interest is there was mention of mind controlled women for sexual purposes dating back to the 1930's, as part of the aliens' deal with Hitler, which also included "antigravity propulsion, beam weapons extended life, and plenty of mind-controlled willing girls programs" (p. 47). Very interesting. Other TI related snippets mentioned in this book were age-regression (done to me), and memory wiping (done to me, per above). The operational arrangement is that one gets one's recall wiped back to the age they are regressed to, which is not true in my case. Other than that, there was no TI related scientific interest or human experimentation objectives that I could find in the book.

I am still digesting the whole thing, and wonder if the whole Nordic-Reptilian conflict isn't also arranged in some way, as each of their weapons are ferocious and of wide scale if deployed. And of course, it begs the question, which of the two is screwing the hell out of me and other TI's? (The telepathic mind feed I get is that it is the Nordics, but one cannot believe anything from Them). My vote is the Reptilians, as they are depicted to be the most vicious, soulless, aggrandizing and ruthless. The Nordics come across as the good guys (and girls).

And to make matters all the more mixed up, each of the extraterrestrial groups have their own in the disguise of humans here on Earth, on spying and sabotage missions; "biological robots" was the term, though I could count myself as one, though merely a human non-consensual experimentation subject/victim.

And if the Nazis had Reptilian help with advanced technologies, though not ready for being deployed in warfare, why didn't they advance this more (or delay the start of hostilities) and have them win WWII? Even their jet aircraft technology ME 262 first flew in 1941 but didn't become operational until mid-1944 due to metallurgical problems with the jet engines. If they had they would of been the superior air force. From the book, the Nazi Antarctic initiative (base, and technology advancement) was wholly separate from the German mainland initiative dating back to 1913, and that they (the overarching controlling "They") were ready to concede on the latter.

And it still begs the question as to why haven't one of these extraterrestrial groups taken on the other in a public and likely, Earth destructive conflict, an expanded dust-up like they did in 1561 in Nuremburg. (Caveat; other sites call it a sun related "parhelia" effect). What is each of them waiting for, or are they being restrained in some way? I don't get it, the big picture that is. There is something very universally fundamental they (either party, or a subsuming party) want from us Earth-lab dwellers, and TI's are in the hot-seat as to this human experimentation agenda. Or why don't the Reptilian agents take out the Nordic TI's, or vice-versa? That would not be too difficult for each to find out the subjects of the other given the extensive spying and ether-exploiting technologies they have.

The book "The US Navy's Secret Space Program & Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance" is recommended for those who wish to explore the whole extraterrestrial angle on what is going on in this world, especially so for its supporting documentation. So yes, I believe what it presents as largely true. As for the "disclosure" hope, I would respectively suggest it just isn't going to happen. (In fact, JFK's assassination may have something to do with this, per Salla's book, "Kennedy's Last Stand"). Ergo, Trump in hot water currently (as he always will be due to liberal knee-jerk bleating) and the (absurd) "impeachment" news chatter has started up. A good companion book is "Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world of UFOs, think-tanks and Nordic secretaries" by William Tompkins, one who was there during the days of the WWII spying on the Nazi advanced technology programs, and when the technologies were adopted by US aircraft manufacturers.

A visit to my knee cap damaged friend in the evening, after I sharpened his three pairs of hand pruners in the morning. I took a bottle of wine over, but he was already sauced when I got there. Its not pretty to see a drunk on crutches, but thankfully it was in his apartment, excepting that he needed to go outside to smoke a cigarette, and barely transversed the stairs. He said he fell down earlier, so I assume this was also due to drink. So here he has three months of physiotherapy ahead of him, and seemingly is psychologically maladjusted for this long run. I sense there are a number of dysfunctional behaviors going on, so this shall be interesting in a guarded "hope nothing happens" way.

Anyhow, a long weekend here in Canada, so I shall get this posted, now Monday morning.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Weeding and then Some

Another day of hand weeding, that is, with a shovel and a work colleague on the other side of the trellis wires also digging away. My digging partner was the guy who I termed a "disengagee" for his focus on this phone, even during lunch time. Today, amazingly, he was absolutely chatty. I am totally astounded as this sudden behavior change. Though, there may have been an ulterior motive; all his chattiness effectively prevented me from wearing my headphones and listening to music all day. Such music listening and headphone wearing interruptions haven't gone unnoticed in past blog postings; running loud vehicles is another way to drive me from listening to headphones, as is overhead aircraft flights. As usual, the weeding was hard work, and there was no let up or other diversionary activities, even for an hour or so.

The other male ponytail on the crew was less charitable; at the end of the day, and had nothing to do with him, he is holding a pitchfork and offers to throw it to me. I said "right...." and then he seemed not to have heard me, and then said something to the effect that I might not of liked the suggestion. I had this asshole pegged as a loser before I started there, and I heard that from the former crew chief from last year. This insulting rude-shit was totally unprovoked as I have always kept my nose clean and not bothered anyone. And this prick comes up with this shit.

The aggravating rude-ass, per above, was all over my ass while we were doing a rock pick this morning in a new just-plowed area that is due for planting soon. What is it about this asshole that he needed to keep dogging me from L to R, R to L, and keep getting into my vision? I would look away from where he was and pick rocks in that direction and this Fuckwit would show up again. Thank goodness rock picking was done in an hour. Then onto weed digging for the rest of the day.

I was too wiped out from yesterday to go to yoga last night. But I had left my boots out so they wouldn't stink out the joint, and the plan was that I would pick them up and put them inside when off to yoga. Of course that didn't happen, and the boots were outside all night. This is the second such outside "boot leaving" in two weeks; last time it was the other pair abetted by a alarm defeat of unknown cause.  And what is so fucking important to the Psychopathic Fuckover Force that they need to have my boots sit on the lawn outside overnight? Again, no rain unloaded on them, a stunt they pulled last year.

Another brutal day of digging weeds in the vineyard. One each side of the row, and my partner went "incommunicado" for the morning. In the afternoon, now armed with my player and my headphones, he starts chirping away. After a while I give up, ergo, no headphones or music. I cannot recount the number of past times headphone wearing (playing music) gets interrupted (e.g. loud vehicles, change in job task), and now we have another way. I am sure there will be more kinds, and many more headphone wearing disruption events to come.

And too, they added in aircraft stalking while the headphones were on; a low overhead pass (150') above terrain of a two engine fire retardant bomber, and in the elegant aerobatic-stalking of aircraft, it circled again, though 300m distant, same elevation.

It started  out to be a day of digging weeds until 30 minutes later, we were re-directed to help out on a small new plantation block. The posts needed to be erected and the trellis wires strung. I was on the post pounding team, saved from the dog-me gangstalker dude who would of been hanging about me like a bad smell all day. I don't know of anyone who is so in my face so often for seeming innocuous reasons. (Save the rude-ass offer from him, per above, about catching a pitch fork). The work day was called off an hour early when the thunderstorms came in, along with rain. There was a weather warning out for flash floods in some areas, so everyone is in an elevated sense of fear over the weather in this region.

Friday, and some weeding today, and one particular bunch grass weed around a vine took two of us 10 minutes to extricate. It was the most root dense grass bunch I have seen in three weeks of this toil.

I was spared from all day weeding thankfully by the task assignment of putting up the irrigation lines, meaning, the black polyethylene pipes that are strung along the posts and drip out water at a constant rate. These would also be called "drip lines". There was also a solid sprinkler line put in every two rows as well. And have I mentioned how the perps love me to be messing with water delivery methods, and that would include irrigation pipes, drip lines, sprinklers and all other means. Of note, the ground was quite wet from the overnight rains, and so one could count this as another water delivery mechanism. And some rain showers today too, with plenty of temperature changes to go with it.

True to perp form, we ran out of drip line some 3 rows from the end on this .25 acre section, and so the boss man set off to get a roll of drip line. And of course it was a different make with a different dripper design, having the distinctive blue line running its length, the drip line that most vineyards use, including this one, save the rest of this section that we had installed (2 rolls worth). In the course of hanging up the drip line on the wires, the boss man had to cut off  a small extra portion, and lo, if he didn't show me this split open section with its integral pressure compensating dripper, having borrowed my secateurs to cut it off (all he had to do) and cut it open as well. And so it continues; the perps' obsession over water delivery methods, and added to it, cutting said pipe (cutlery and cutting obsession) and showing it to me.

Also today, and I suppose water-related, there was a helicopter across the lake practicing using a "monsoon bucket", a collapsible slung bucket that is immersed in water and then is transported for fire suppression purposes. The bucket was duly discharged as well, presumably in concert with yet more variations on water delivery methods, even if a kilometer away.

My big deal of the day, two in fact; getting the vehicle cleaned in preparation for waxing it, and then legs getting waxed. Funny how both relate to wax in their own way. But as wax is often a petroleum product, the perps are quite cranked about its particular properties, especially any "earth energies", aka, photonic field properties it may have and how those interact with this here TI victim.

The Pyschopaths had me get the vehicle cleaning done in the morning, starting with a foam brush, white foam coming out. They have in the past arranged red colored foam from the brush at the cleaning station, but have backed off on this in recent years, all at the same location. At 0900h on a Saturday I was surprised it was busy at the cleaning bays, and so I had to wait and watch the gut-strut; elders with large guts attempting to clean their vehicles. And lo, if they didn't' decrease the time for what the $2 coin gets in the slot now; instead of a $5 job it became a $7 job. And adroitly arranged for the first time cleaning this Ford Escape, with the planted notion that it is the vehicle that "caused" the extra time requirement. No, it is about the same size as the Camry, just higher, so what is the deal. Then to vacuum my vehicle, as it seems the mud is accreting from vineyard work in uncharacteristic amounts. I had my stalker buddy arrive on the other side of the outside vacuum cleaner station, vaccums are always a big perp prop for whatever reason. Then my highway drive for 20 min. to dry it off, replete with the vehicular gangstalking trains to accompany me.

Then to check out the regular Saturday Farmers Market, though I need not have bothered. I see they re-paved the street area to widen the sidewalks and thereby constrict the central egress space between each side of the stalls. Well done; it was already a cluster fuck, and now they made it worse. And of course the perps blanked me out of going at my usual time at 0830h, just when it opens, so to avoid said swarms. Now there is a better reason to go early, as egress has been constricted. We shall see how this one goes and whether they increase the stalkers and dawdlers at that time just to screw me all the more. Alternatively they can have me get up late to miss my intended shopping time.

And I suppose, with that particular segment of the street formerly being paved with asphalt, and now with a grey brick, I suppose this too is some kind of earth surface/color interaction game. (Same vendors, operatives and gangstalkers, now a year later). Surely, with astronauts orbiting the Earth, or moon even, the perps have figured out some kind of energy interaction differential for all their unwitting subjects? Never mind the speculation that subjects like Obama have been teleported to Mars, per web story of two years ago.

As mentioned a few times before, egress constriction is not a new perp tactic; the aisles of stores are often littered with extra displays to accomplish the same, and lo, if that isn't where a stalker isn't standing there too, typically with their ass projecting into the aisle in a mock posture feigning looking at low shelf items. The fact that they are arranged at these aisle constriction points so much more than normal is an outrage, and then to pretend not to notice they are constricting the aisle is ridiculous, and on top of that they also take an extended time to conduct their supposed introspection of the shelf items is even more absurd. On top of that, they don't select anything, making sure that the whole feigned "shopping" was an obvious gangstalking stunt. What it is about projecting someone's ass in my direction, or intended path, in a shopping aisle is totally beyond me, save to say that any kind of spinal stretches seems to exercise the spine in a way that presents a different energy profile. Hence being allowed to take yoga and the cluster fucking that goes on there.

Onto leg waxing in the afternoon; instead of the regular supervisor (its a training school) with whom I have extended chats over wine and wine tasting, I got a returning student from a few years ago. She was the temporary supervisor, and with her, a young trainee, just graduated from high school. As often, one on one side and one on the other, and each stayed in place when I flipped over. One was blonde and one was brunette, and no unnatural hair colors this time. I had some conversation with each of them and all was friendly, and was out of there in 40 minutes or less. Like anything, any regular contact or engagement with anyone, even if every 8 weeks apart, or even less, say with doctors, must be disrupted by the perps. They cannot tolerate me even going to the shoemaker in town before something gets messy/problematic and forces me to take my shoes out of town to get fixed. I just don't understand why they have to disrupt routines all the time.

In the afternoon, the sun came on, which presents problems with waxing my vehicle, so back inside and I listening to some Youtube videos on cancer (woohoo). The list of persecuted doctors who practice proven and researched alternate therapies that are substantially more efficacious than conventional treatment (if that) gets longer. Hoxsey, Kelly, Burzinsky as three, and I see that Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez died from a heart attack in 2015. He looked perfectly fine in the hour long 2014 video here. So what is it about cancer and the horrific immune system clobbering "treatments" (chemotherapy and irradiation) that the perps need to defend to the point of running alternative care doctors out of the country, if not, inundate them with investigations (14 different agencies in the case of Dr. Kelly)? I don't know, but in one video in this series a doctor mentions medical advances being allowed in other disciplines, but not in cancer. Is it purely an surreptitious immune system nonconsensual research project, also aided by HIV, or is it about selective takedown of individuals for various reasons? Or both?

Sunday, and an 0600h text from the landlord to say they are going away for a week and could I look after the mail etc. No problem, but why so early.
The weather was cold and wet first thing so I hung back for a while, and read, and lo, if the assholes didn't have me puke up again, something they now do every three weeks or so. Once feeling better I was getting ready to set off to get automobile wax, and lo, if they didn't script a piss, and lo, on top of that, a crap. Unbelievable, this three way purge inside of 4 minutes all before setting off to get automobile wax, and my supply from last year had been strangely drawn down more than I expected. (Continuing this weekend's wax confluence/coincidence).

While at the auto shop, the dudes came to choke down egress by lining up at the cashier, which just "happened" to be where the automotive wax was. Anyhow, I found what I wanted, and when they had finally finished at the cashier, and when I proceeded to the desk, why, a pair off dudes brushed by from behind me, one of whom "happened" to be the tractor driver at the vineyard I work. Then another pair of dudes entered the store after they departed, who then preceded me out when I was about to depart. The cashier wasn't too pleasant and had to vacate the checkout twice to check the stock number for some reason. I am long familiar with cashiers somehow "needing" to vacate the checkout, and another variation is that another cashier comes in, often guy for girl. Not this time, just this over-tattoo-ed unfriendly blonde girl. I get out to my vehicle, and lo, if some Fuckwit with a tan brown vehicle didn't pull in between me and another prior parked vehicle with a stalker sitting in it, and lo, these two dudes were making repairs on their vehicle, one of them underneath and the other over-obviously leaning on the vehicle. I get past this Fuckwit, back up and drive off. And what is the point of all that; if you have a vehicle to fix in the parking lot give yourself elbow room at the other end of the lot instead of pulling in between two parked vehicles. And one was wearing these fugly brown check baggy shorts. Do the perps have a clown department or something?

I got the Ford Escape through the gate and parked it on the lawn next to my place so I could get around it and wax it. Not unexpectedly I had extra aircraft stalking coverage, dogs barking and the very loathesome HD motorcycle noise going by. It seems the perps have added a new motorcycle in the neighborhood to make noise as in passing by, unlike the two that are located and start up across the lane. The latter HD motorcycle noise erupted in the afternoon when I was doing windows and interior, and while idling, the Mrs got into a screaming row with the fugly dude with the motorcycle. I get to be at least ear-witness to couple arguements every year or so, and I suppose this was my annual dose. All while the HD motorcycle idling noise continued. A two-fer on the noise combination front. Then the dude shut it down and never took it anywhere. Go figure.

Later I took my knee cap damaged colleague out on his now-weekly shopping trip. And what is it about the eggs section that turns into a holy dude clusterfuck? Each time of the three weeks, and all these dudes or with kids descend on the cooler case and then stand around. It is fucking nuts, and of course I am with him and he is directing me to the correct location, so I don't have my usual "bail out" or avoidance options.

The perp assholes duly pulled some rain for the first time today while driving back with my colleague, testing out the Rain-X I put on the windshield it would seem. And what is it about vehicle waxing and windshield treatment that so interests the perps?

Enough perp follies for the week and now to get this posted for the record.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Tractor Driving

Monday; start with equipment that behaves fine (Friday last week), and then successively sabotage it so things constantly go wrong. This would the vineyard tractor I am driving for the second time, the first day this week. Lots of controls = lots of perp sabotage, preferably multiple things going wrong at once or in immediate serial sequence. Just hilarious after 15 years of things going wrong 5x the normal rate. Their very favorite Fuckover stunt was to prevent the forward-reverse shift lever from going into gear (forward usually). Some 20 attempts at a time while sitting in the tractor was not uncommon, and this shit went on all afternoon. Every time I came to a row end I had to reverse it to go back on the same row. In fact, the supervisor seemed to set the job up so I needed to do this twice as often given the slow revelation of instructions. Had he told me all that had to be done, I could of traversed one block to the next, crossing the trail, instead of turning each time.

A second day of tractor driving, using the so-called grape hoe implement, a blade on the R side that severs the weeds by the roots and lifts them up. That is the theory, but it is more like a "weed dislocator", moving them around in clods, and not out of the row as it should be. Hence a build up of weed, often grass, clumps over the time that defy said implement. Having a steel blade, some 1/4" thick, plough and flick just under the soil is a perp implement of significant proportions; they just love soil interactions, and all the better with steel implements as they see it for their human nonconsensual experimentation agenda. Don't forget I was hand digging these same vineyard weeds with the rest of the crew using shovels for three days last week.

Today, thankfully, things went better, and the insane disruption over being able to shift forward or back (separate gear lever) only lasted a half hour. Given that the assholes have been shitting me over shifting into reverse over the last two months with the new (to me) Escape (standard transmission), gifted from my perp-abetting mother, who knew the sickos would of pulled this same stunt with another vehicle, this time a tractor? Or who knew, that shifting standard gears, especially forward and reverse, was a total Fuckover event for some remote sick asses harassing the living shit out of their victim for over 15 years now? But it seems they had this one planned; given a standard transmission vehicle in 01-2017, and then harass the victim for the same thing in a tractor in 04-2017. No wonder they didn't let me drive a farm tractor since I took the viticulture course in 01-2012 when there was plenty of opportunity to help out my employers.

And why was I so unusually tired after work today? Kept too tired to do anything, but not allowed to nap. Never had this problem before, but the perps wasting my time is just too funny for them. Consequent to this 30 min. quasi-nap, I went grocery shopping with my usual gangstalking entourage. Fucking tiresome.

For the second day in succession, an aerial stalker came by, totally incongruous given the circumstances. Like WTF; a Canadian government aircraft with "surveillance" on its side. I look them up, and they are all about marine traffic and pollution surveillance. Like WTF; what are they doing 600km inland for crissakes? But let us not forget the military putting on their submarine detection aircraft for 7 circuits over a former vineyard work site 3-4 years ago, spewing some kind of magnetic beams out of its stinger tail. I read another TI calling this "air stalking" and I suppose it is. But the way it seems is that the Canadian government is sending its few aircraft over to harass a TI, and is nothing short of a criminal organization, just like the police. Nothing new there. Last year it was the four engined C-117 cargo aircraft doing four passes over the vineyard I was at. It never landed, so what on earth was such an aircraft doing flying over Naramata and then departing? And the SAR was on a fly past two weeks ago, with their yellow EH 101 Cormorant, though it could be that they were out on a mission, but given my past experience with this same aircraft and owner, it is suspicious.

And for the second day in succession, I worked with the new woman employee, who "happens" to have the same first name as my daughter, though 7 years younger. A strapping lass, if not a tad overweight, and breasts the size of softballs. Yesterday, a low top, and I could not help to notice the cleavage exposure, another long standing perp put on. Today, she was in a red shirt, perhaps to sync with above mentioned red colored surveillance aircraft. Anyhow, she seems like a nice and positive person, unlike the last new woman who is so furtive and avoidant.

Yesterday I was planting vines with her and the NZ woman, so I had my close-in dose of the feminine, and the perps do love me to be planting. And then weeding in the afternoon, with the furtive one who says nothing. Today, it was all weeding with the new woman who is thankfully, someone I can talk with.

And a police vehicular gangstalking in front of me half way back to my place. I see way too many of them or their vehicles to be a coincidence, not that I believe there is any such notion in my highly orchestrated and harassed circumstances.

Two days ago after grocery shopping, the police were out doing some kind of apparent search in this small wooded area. One vehicle had its red and blue lights flashing on the opposite side of the road, with the officer pulling a black bag out of the vehicle. Then a yellowjacket (police man) coming from the woods, and around the corner, with no lights, was a second parked police vehicle. The latter one should of had his lights on as it is a no parking zone on a bend for crissakes.

I see the crew boss man is now doing the weeding on the tractor in other areas with the attached implement, more of a weed dis-locator implement. Where we are hand weeding now is where I did the same tractor work a few days ago. So it would seem this rotation goes with various tractor drivers doing "weed dislocating", and then us vineyard laborer schmo's do following hand weeding. Now with three different tractor operators, and an added new person (per above), it should be all grist for the perp non-consensual human research mill over their insane obsession over plant tending, e.g. weeding, planting, etc.

A rare good weather day today, enough for shorts and getting a tan on my legs. Rain tomorrow, so maybe I am getting an interrupted introduction to summer weather this year.

And what was the point of the perps having me "forget" to turn off the tuner (radio) this morning before leaving? I rarely have it on, and always turn it off, and lo, if some asshole didn't dither me and have me leave it on all day in my absence.

Another forced "forget" was yesterday, leaving my boots outside all night. I got screwed with this trick last year when they unloaded a rain storm on my boots that were outside. So to counter that fuckery, I put the alarm on for two hours or so, long enough so that the wet wool sock stink dissipates. And lo, if some asshole didn't defeat the alarm so that I "forgot". And again, what is the point of this insane relentless fuckery? And to note, I didn't have this wet boot smell lingering until recently. One screw-over begets another.

Another day of digging big grass clumps from the vineyard. Normally we work in teams of two, but since one guy was seconded for irrigation installation, I helped two women crew members by going ahead and removing all the large chunks the tractor turned up. One was the NZ woman, the other who started two days ago. In the latter case, she put on a head band for whatever reason, as she did yesterday. She added on a ball cap today, and lo, if her whole headgear thing didn't resemble a turban in part. Anyhow, given how much the perps like to stage/stalk me with head wear, especially the ones I loathe on sight, (e.g. turbans), why was I so clueless? And of course, with all my knowledge now remotely manipulable, that too has been attended to. Talk about feeling helpless, and too, that notion gets wiped out.

Even the CBC radio gets in on the act, by describing a political party member as the "first turbaned...". Who gives a fuck? We have had E. Indians in all our political parties, and now even the federal cabinet. Now the CBC have taken it upon themselves to further distinguish (promoting??) whether they are wearing turbans or not. We don't need any more divisions that we have, and now the national radio has invented another one. And they will likely spin this into "creating national unity" or some such.

On the headband theme; I did my laundry tonight and an attractive blonde woman (though large ass) was there, and lo, she was wearing her hair up with a headband too. She looked 40-ish, and the perps made sure that I noticed she wasn't married. Like WTF: I don't care about these things any more; not only am I 62, but I have the hounds of hell on my ass, and they orchestrate every microsecond of my existence nowadays, and everyone seems to know it in advance. I don't think they always did this as they didn't have this element of control until 2006, but now it seems they do as the coincidence factor is so high. I am simply not interested in romance, and any sane woman would feel the same about me, assuming she didn't already know my circumstances beforehand, or else see a light field around me, as reported by other TI's (though not mentioned in my presence).

As it "happens", now continuing with the coincidence theme, with the laundromat proprietors engaging this woman in conversation (not me), it turns out that she is from Edmonton, and is an Edmonton Oilers hockey fan. As it "happened" the Oilers were playing on a live broadcast of the playoffs on the 50" TV screen in the laundromat. Anyhow, resulting from general banter about hockey now that the playoff season has finally begun, the laundromat owner shows me a picture on his phone of his son with an prominent Oilers player (captain), as the team was visiting here on a pre-season goodwill tour last year. Then he shows it to the attractive Edmonton woman. (Both of us getting "color calibrated" with the same LED image perhaps, though she did some oohs-and-ahhs over his cute (to her) son.) And within the minute, this same prominent Oilers hockey player scores a goal on TV. I kid you not; another tangle of coincidences over a certain hockey team and player.

Another nap attack hit after work today; the perps are bound and determined never to let me get onto my laundry any earlier than 1900h in the evenings. I could of got onto it an hour earlier, but the wave of helplessness came on and the only thing I can do is lie down and pull the blankets over.

Saturday, and a small job to help the vineyard couple; not that it was vineyard work, but they needed the cedar hedges trimmed, and he arranged some scaffolding with a platform to be mounted on a trailer which he towed with his ATV. I would get up on the platform and wield the gasoline powered hedger to trim the hedge. The system worked for the most part, save where it was too far to reach, and then we used the pole pruner. Anyhow, it was 3 hours of work, and in OK weather. And nothing went wrong; imagine that. I suppose for the perps it was an exercise in plant trimming at some 6' off the ground, and we know who loves me to be plant tending, and all the better, cutting them. And we know who likes to test elevational differences from ground level.

And more dithering (two weeks now) by the fee-for-service doctor's office this week; a call to tell me that the "good doctor" needs to determine which tests I need in advance of my requested appointment. Well, it was last year, in a change to their usual practice, when they cited new medical regulations that one must see the doctor first, who then determines the tests, and all to see the same doctor again. Even if one has had prior clinical interactions that would be a basis for an obvious extension to health care delivery. And now, it isn't so, or isn't mentioned. No doubt this is more foot dragging over my demands for dopamine deficiency treatment, as the three other referrals are still in a state of non-response, and could be for 6 months or more in this current medical system. I fully expect the "good doctor" to deny me anything more than supplements, which if one has ADD as I do, are pretty lame, as ADD is by definition a development problem.

I spent two hours this afternoon viewing Ty Bollinger's astonishing research of cancer treatment and its squalid history -two hours note. Not to mention the grim future; by 2020, one half of cancer events are expected to be caused by prior medical "treatments" of cancer; chemo therapy (e.g. tamoxifen) is carcinogenic as is radio-therapy. I hadn't read any cancer material for three months, getting fed up with it, not making light that it is an atrocity of epic proportions; 600,000 victims each year in the US and Canada. And the repressive actions of the FDA are nothing short of living in Nazi Germany, just not as widespread. To be an professional and responsible alternative cancer practitioner in the US and Canada is to have a target painted on your back, as mentioned by an MD who leads a prominent alternate health care center.

Sunday, and I was finally allowed to get hiking at 0930h instead of 1200h. The weather forecast was for sunshine, but at a cool 18C. Fine; I will do the hike and find out then if tanning can be attempted. As it "happened" it was cool at my usual remote tanning site, but after an hour I relocated to the lee of the wind, and was able to get tanned. I used my lightweight camp cot for the first time, and it worked out reasonably well.

Another "cattle problem" on the way back along the trail. It seems they had been released in the last week into this woodland area, and lo, if the bull wasn't standing on the trail looking at me while the herd was passing behind him, going down to this small lake for water. As twice before, retreat, and take an alternate off-trail route. Fortunately I could navigate my way through the woods by keeping a visual reference to this lake and not spend two hours back tracking along the trailed alternative.

I did get some three hours of tanning in, though it didn't seem like it as the cool wind kept finding me for a time. And just when I popped back onto the trail, why, a gangstalker came along on the trail. I say gangstalker as the timing was perp-perfect; just as I entered the woods from the open area and only two minutes into my return. Besides, the guy was such a rude ass; most hikers say hello or acknowledge each other, but not this one.

I got my usual helicopter coverage while tanning off-trail, this time more obvious. About an hour before lunch a big throbby Bell 412 came low (500' above terrain) and then circled about a kilometer away to the S, going back to where it came from seemingly. After lunch this same helicopter comes over the same flight path and then extends its flight to fly N of me and then do the same large circle to the S. Same helicopter, seemingly to add some post-lunch (favorite perp harassment timing) noise and a visual, by extending its curious flight path.

Anyhow, I later did my care duty, helping my knee cap damaged friend get some groceries at various shopping locations. The usual gangstalk fray of course.

Onto posting this for the week.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Audio Volume Antics

And what is it about audio volume for music and videos that so interests the perps that they must relentlessly fuck with it? Either lowering the volume or shutting it off. Yesterday a 10 minute screaming-at-the-assholes show erupted when they fucked with the Oppo, when I put on the first movie in months. The movie volume would not come through the audio system. Eventually it was "solved" as they stopped mind-fucking me as to the correct input switch on the amplifier. I have played movies on this system many times, and "somehow" I got screwed up, and "somehow" when I was on the correct setting, there was still no volume. Then it suddenly worked.

Tonight they are busy screwing me out of having Youtube play through the same audio system, but the PC based player is working. Normally I don't have to make any audio gear switches from player to internet (all from the PC), but for some reason this is not working tonight. Other than blatant fuckery, another trick of theirs is to pull the plugs out some connections, to prevent the signal getting through. Another was 6 weeks ago when they broke a soldered joint in the interconnect cable connector that formerly worked fine. Said joint was protected and in no way flexed or messed with, and "somehow", it failed inside the hard shell RCA connector all by itself. Direct hardware fuckery goes back to 2002 when they could remotely limit the volume on my Sony Discman when I was listening at the gym while on the treadmill. They kept slowly diminishing the volume and eventually I gave up on that device as a useful player.

I cannot conceive as to why a billion dollar per year budgeted black operation has to fuck with my audio listening for 15 years. Are they utterly and organizationally insane as they are malevolent and relentless, or is there something important to the inner workings of the brain as promoted by listening to music? I suspect it is the dopaminergic response they are attempting to determine (or remotely replicate), which is entirely consistent with their objectives for these 15 years of this imposed abuse-athon. Don't they ever get it? Just leave me the fuck alone.

Landlord pop-ups in the window, facing to the side, perfectly catching my peripherial vision, something the perps have been long testing, as in been there, done that. Turns out he was doing some lawn edging, something I have never known him to do in the four years I have lived here. He was doing pop-ups in the kitchen window on one occasion two years

Monday, and onto vineyard work, finishing up trellis wire moving. The top wires needed to be moved up one final notch on the slotted posts. It was hard work for the shorter two women on the crew. The weather started off wet, hence ski jacket. Then by afternoon it was warmer, down to my shirt, and headphones on. That didn't stop the weather drama though; big black clouds to the W formed and brought cool air, but thankfully, it skipped by on the other side of the lake and didn't unload on us. Big black clouds formed to the E too, enough for some serious rain threat, but didn't come over either. Between the dark rain clouds as the afternoon developed, and only getting a few spattering out of it

Digging out weeds in the vineyard; the bunch grass is a formidable invader, and gets stronger each year. No herbicide treatments here, just mechanized weed cultivation which is in need of an upgrade. In other words, it doesn't get them all by any means, and once the bunch grass is established, it cannot get it out. Or else, it cuts the weed off at the roots and then displaces them, all for them to re-start in short order.

There is two of us weeding together, one from each side of the row. The NZ woman was my worker-mate, and she was reasonable conversation for the day. And to add to the show, three helicopters came to visit the vineyard tasting room in the afternoon. First we had to move our vehicles; then a Bell 206 came in and departed, and then two smaller Robinson 244's arrived and set down on the same helipad. I wasn't nearby, so I couldn't see how close they were, but it did seem unusual.

A 2.5 hour nap attack tonight. As nearly always, I was not running a sleep deficit and there was no conventional reason for needing so much extra sleep.

Another day of digging weeds, very heavy clods of bunch grass, often 15-25lb. Brutal work, not unlike those gulag dwellers who are to grow their own food. Except that they don't get paid for it. I still work with the NZ woman, who is a valiant trooper and sticks with it in reasonable humor.

All those green tips of grass that I see all day long in the course of the above weeding are fodder for plasmic and visual fuckery. The Psychopaths replay the same grass visage in front of me; either in front of this LCD or a book or whatever. It is the same pattern of vertical grass shoot tips and their characteristic color. Why do I need to be hounded with the same color and pattern I see all day long at home? They say that every individual's perception of color is neurologically different, so maybe the Psychopaths need to hit me with this day-long image in different lighting and location to then learn how to remotely fuck with my color perception. Surely they could fuck with some one who is color blind? Or maybe they already did that, as I had a color blind co-worker one summer I worked in the woods.

Back to the bad old days when the Psychopaths would block the toilet. They pulled this one tonight, as a signature escalation after three days of consistently having me need to take a crap immediately getting back from a day's work of weed pulling.

Then a sudden later need to take another crap with the debris from their above mentioned antics still stewing with the bleach. So... time to take the plunge, so to speak, and thankfully, no overflow games. This following listening/viewing my very favorite audio artist, EC, on Youtube. Then onto bill payments, another longstanding point of invasive fuckery I have come to learn firsthand since this insane abuse began in 04-2002. Clearly, taking a crap has very much been escalated to tactical levels in the last year, sometimes three a day. Quite different from the once per three days until 2016.

Three rounds of leg cramps last night, screaming at the assholes each time. The "usual" magnesium bisglycinate didn't work for some reason, and I had to tough it out. The joys of having one's low dopamine condition exploited to the maximum continue.

And in predictable fashion, I embark on listening to a new artist on Allflac, and lo, the player craps out when it was working just fine with EC, per above. There is utterly no reason whatsoever for the PC-Oppo player combination not to work, as the settings are the same, and I can normally switch between Youtube and Allflac, both internet sources, no problem. Suddenly this audio "problem" comes on when wanting to switch to a new artist.

Which begets a broader perp tactic of selective introductions to people, either live or via music or film. An example would be someone texting, then later phoning, then in person, strung over a week or longer.  Doing it in reverse is also a possible variation. The DVD film of Volver which I had bought used suddenly crapped out in mid film, thereby freezing my viewing of the luminous actress, PC.

My, a sudden change up in my work detail. I got to run the tractor with a mechanical Grape Hoe attached on the side, which turns up the soil next to the grape vine and along the row. A whole day no less, of running a tractor for the first time. And the most surprising thing was nothing major went wrong, in a world where things go wrong at 5x the normal rate. Sure, I drove over a post at one point in the afternoon, but that was it. There was a 80' ravine next to the vine rows for the afternoon, and thankfully, nothing too close or threatening, though it was of constant concern of course. I don't know quite how to read this experience of a new endeavor where not much went wrong; either the Psychopaths will get me in spades next time, or else they may relent as it is part of my orchestrated "career path". We shall see.

And of course it saved me from hand weeding all day, back breaking toil as mentioned above.

An evening time visit to my knee-capped colleague, still in a brace from his work accident three weeks ago. Though this time with a smaller and more flexible brace. And so I walked to his place to try get him going on watching videos by taking my spare Blu-ray player. But the poor boy is "Appled"; no HDMI connections, no CD player for crissakes. I loaned him a box of DVD's and he hasn't got to one yet. I don't know what exactly is going on; if I was laid up I would make sure all my audio and video gear was working via the remote control.

Anyhow, we drank wine for a time aand chatted, expending the bottle I brought. Like last week, it seems I am there for some kind of script role; his bemused countenance didn't miss my attention, this time or last.

Saturday, and laundry to get done. Then to help my injured colleague again, this time taking mounds of bottles to the recycle, ones sitting in bags that had been there for a year or more. The recycle place stinks of stale beer and I loathe going there, but I do only for special situations, this being one. Mostly I dump my bottles in the bins out back and don't bother claiming any refund.

The refund was enough for lunch which he graciously bought at a nearby chain restaurant. He conveyed more about his life in Japan, which is nothing what it seems on the surface. Then onto a few stores to do his shopping, and then to take him back to his place.

It was the usual gangstalk gong show when I out and about with my colleague; even some weird ones; a couple sitting in their brown vehicle opposite when I pulled into the mall parking lot, and still there when we returned 15 min. later. We get into my vehicle, a light brown colored Escape, and then a dude from the opposite vehicle gets out, begins to approach us, stares at us, and then returns to the back of his vehicle. We didn't do anything to invoke this near-threatening behavior, but here it was. This dude in camo tights (!!) with baggy shorts over top for crissakes. As we depart I see him walking through the very location we were parked. All that posing and near-threat posturing over no provocation, this mofo does a vacated parking stall walk-through, standard perp fare. Similar to last night at 2400h when walking home; a mofo comes at me from across the street and then diverts his course in the last five seconds. Like WTF; why is pedestrian traffic as bad as the vehicular traffic?

And while above activities were conducted, the on-off pestilent potential Camry buyer started up his texting, now looking to make a deal. First he attempted to exploit some mechanical faults, then I responded that I would deal with the one semi-legitimate one in a few weeks when I got the summer tires on, he later then responded he could save me the money by doing it himself if he could purchase the car ASAP. It is too confusing to relate, but the guy has got his bargaining wrong, and is only getting a lower price because he is a pest that is aided by the fact that no one else seems to be interested in my very reliable vehicle. This would be his second round of apparent interest in the vehicle, so we shall see. The whole text-negotiation exercise is getting too tedious.

Finally, I sold my Camry to above pest, even if the bank was closed and forced me to keep the cash on hand, paid in 20's for crissakes. I didn't know he was coming today until I got a text at 1430h when I was out hiking. I made it back by 1530h and he still hadn't shown up. He did after 10 minutes or so, and then went to the bank and the ATM wouldn't take the wad of bills, no matter how few I fed it. Onto the insurance people but they were closed, so we tried three more, still closed. Either he or his pal suggested Wal Mart, and lo, if there wasn't an open insurance bureau there, and we got the deal done. My plates off, and his new ones on, and my insurance cancelled, and his put on. All done with the background whooping and yelping at the adjacent photo business, surely put on as it carried on for far too long if it was a legit photo shoot.

Three freaking months being posted online and all I got was two lookers who counted and one party of lookers who didn't even drive it. Maybe a couple of other calls who didn't show up, and that was it. All over a very reliable and well maintained two owner 1997 Camry with no history of wrecks, damage or anything else problematic. Go figure.

Said pest "needed" to use my washroom when he came, getting my instant suspicion that this was more perp fuckery, given their interest in all kinds of body waste, and the on-off sabotage ructions with the toilet these days, including blocking it for no seeming reason, as all I did was piss in it. Even my landlord got into the scene, "happening" to be driving by in his red pickup truck as I turned over the keys to the buyer. Go figure.Or is this just more idiocy over conducting a transaction, a rare car sale variety.

The evening time lassitude has come on, so I shall post this so it gets done and not drag on for another week. i see a new feature of Blogger is that the Save button flashes orange when it saves. Just what I needed, more orange flashing.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Rain Out

More like thunderstorm; the boss man said if there is any lightning, we must vacate the vineyard. Sure enough, inside 5 min., lightning flashes came on to accompany the thunder. By then it was raining and hailing. I find it totally incongruous that there would be a thunderstorm here (Okanagan Valley) in April.Thunderstorms following hot weather, for sure. But it hasn't been hot, and we still may not be out of winter weather.

Then I got hit for a two hour nap attack. The usual caveat applies; I did not need the sleep in any way.

A full day of vineyard work, and the latter half wearing my new headphones, as the old ones had their "problems". (Read, perp imposed fuckery).  New headphones meant a number of helicopters over the afternoon, and a strong wind started up and stayed for the whole of the afternoon. And the usual row-end games; the boss arrives in his pickup just as I am finishing the row. I cannot count the number of times these "row end clusterfucks/gangstalk eruptions" happen, but it is totally consistent with the perps' research need every time I change direction. Back to the anisotropic properties of energy, and likely, energy absorption. (Anisotropic; different physical properties in different directions, x, y, z- e.g. wood -you can split it easily on its endgrain, but not the other directions).

This week's vineyard work has been to remove tendrils and debris off the irrigation lines, and to make sure there is a hanger for every dripper, every 18" or so. Needless to say there are a number of other things to tidy up, like tie downs that were missed, and ties that are girdling the cordons.

A new employee yesterday; I will call her an "dis-engagee", a now new kind of employee in workplaces world wide; plugged into earphones for the whole day. Not unlike most of the others, though another one is particularly plugged into elsewhere; even at lunch time in the heated shed he is on his phone and earphones, making no bones about not talking to anyone. But of course I am listening to my headphones as much as the weather permits, but I don't go out of my way to be disengaged.

Said new employee has a Toyota Corolla of a light tan metallic brown color, nearly the same as my Ford Escape, given to me by my mother in 01-2017. Not forgetting my ride for the last five years was a mid-grey Toyota Camry, which still sits outside unsold, now three months on the used market. One would think I was selling a motor-home for crissakes.

More likely changes in my residence circumstances in the wind. The owners want access tomorrow to show the place to a potential buyer of their and this place, being a carriage house. All these wonderful benefits of no neighbors up, down or any side will likely not persist in any new arrangement. Back to the past in all likelihood; overhead pounding, sex rabid neighbors, yapping dudes etc. The perps usually don't allow me to live in one place for more than four years. Ditto back in Victoria, 2007-2011. And four prior residences 2002-2006. And four residences from 2012-13.

A rainy start to the day, enough that I changed  into my rain gear at the outset. It was to rain all day on and off, but by 1330h, the sun came out and warmed me up enough to take off my ski jacket, though still with my rain pants on as I would of needed to take off my boots etc. A rare combination of clothes; rain (ski) jacket off, rain paints on, and warmish weather. All this on the vineyard job, cleaning up the irrigation lines of tendrils and the sloppy tie-down work that was permitted this year. Don't ask me why the crew boss was so slack, but I did draw his attention to it before, all for nothing.

A nice weather day for the first time this year, down to a shirt. From winter weather to summer weather all in one day. Said shirt was black, so that meant that I was in all black today after 0900h. In fact, I was in a black ski jacket first thing, and then it was suddenly so warm that I took off my grey sweater too, and so it was black to black as it were.

Today, like yesterday, they had the other two guys on other projects, so I worked with the two women on the crew for much of the day. All part of the selective gender games, which includes introducing the males back in singly later in the day. Both have pony tails, a hair feature I absolutely loathe on males, and the perps know this given their relentless pursuit in displaying this along with other typical male vestiges; guts, beards, waddling walk, skin-heads, and others. Just to think; 15 years of this insane litany of selectively introduced male features, especially the Unfavored ones.

The gorgeous tasting room supervisor whom I have met a few times, but don't see much of in my regular work, "happened" to be outside at lunch time and I caught a fleeting glance for three seconds while in my light brown (mid-brown interior) vehicle. And lo, if she wasn't in light tan pants and a black top, and I was all dressed in black after above mentioned clothing change. Funny how I get color matched stalkers. Do the perps buy their clothes too so they have a color matched wardrobe on hand?

Doing care duty yesterday as my former co-worker is laid up with a broken knee cap. He is on the mend OK, but it will take three months before he is back together. Just to think, he was learning about winery equipment when it "happened", and we know who likes to interrupt human learning. And you think all those school shoot-ups and massacres are random nutters?

I drove my colleague to his favorite grocery store, and then his liquor store and packed all these for him. Needless to say it was a gangstalk scene, and plenty of brown people dogging me in his grocery store, aisle after aisle, and even parking themselves at the aisle end for crissakes. Added into this gangstalk scene were two of my vineyard co-workers who "happened" to be there separately, both of the  strong "dis-engagee" stripe. The above mentioned woman who started this week was one of them, and she didn't even acknowledge me for crissakes. Either her vision is bad, or she is totally out of it, or else is controlled to be utterly rude. Lots of fat people at this grocery big-box store too. The final touch was at the second stop, the liquor store when my colleague bought his items, then I bought a bottle of wine myself, and just as we were leaving, why, a striking black haired babe struts in. I am sure she caught my colleague's attention too.

Which set me up for later, as two brown skinned people came to see my vehicle for sale. They drove around to test the car, taking turns. They seemed like nice guys, but the story changed from coming to purchase it so he could drive home to Kelowna (that he was desperate to buy it), to a parting "I'll let you know". The price was agreed to via text messaging two days beforehand, so price wasn't a deterrent, and he said the car was in good condition, he, a former Camry owner. Recall from two weeks ago, three E. Indians (from India) came to view my vehicle in a parking lot who checked it over but didn't drive it, another ridiculous ruse IMHO.

I did not hear from the brown skinned people about my Camry for sale today. So it would seem this was another ruse to have them view, and this time, drive my vehicle. The perps like to have one anticipate a sale, or money, and it not materialize, and I suppose this was just another. Maybe these three prospective buyers in three months is part of the perps' "warm up", finally getting to a sale in few more months and visitors. Yesterday's ruse had a more urgent tone to it, building up the story that the guy was desperate for a vehicle and would have to scrape to get to Penticton and then purchase it to secure his passage back. The story didn't pan out when he arrived with a pal in a new Corolla, and then departed in it. One would think I was selling a 40' RV for all the curious lack of sale action.

I got out for a hike though, getting the imminent rain forecast when in fact it turned out to be warm-ish with high overcast. Yet again, I got my follow-me-up and follow-me-down hiking stalkers. In the five years I have been going up this trail, this hasn't happened until two weeks ago, and then again today. Too many coincidences IMHO. Said hiking gangstalkers, like two weeks ago, hung back in their nearby vehicle when I arrived at mine, just for more variation action; e.g. on trail one way, then return, and then at or in vehicle. They could of been long gone but weren't. Plenty of those fugly oversized shorts on other hiking males up and back. I loathe cargo shorts or baggy shorts on males especially, and the perps seem to know it, and therefore add more of this into the gangstalking scene. Another one of those Unfavored vignettes the perps love to pummel me with, extending the season every year it would seem.

And on the way back I stopped at the LD store, and what a holy gangstalk scene that was. Fuckwits blocking and criss-crossing my path one after another, and that was just getting parked. (One being a two tone light brown Camry of similar age to mine). Once ambulatory, in typical fashion they popped three Fuckwits out from behind the corner of the building, and in keeping this up, three Fuckwits from two separate doors emerged at the same time as I was approaching the mall entrance, forcing me to take the third set. Then another doddering Fuckwit crossing in front of me as I approached LD, and then three Fuckwits blocking my usual store entry route. So I take an alternate route, and another Fuckwit was there, and once around him, a kid is on disengaged cross-my-path duty, and once he blew by, a pair of doddering geriatrics were blocking the aisle. And once mobile, this Fuckwit woman was dithering over the chocolate section, not seeming to be very shopping focussed, and adroitly placing herself two seconds ahead of me as to where I wanted to go. I haven't had such an over-obvious chocolate-stalker for a long time. Another geriatric stalker was opposite hiding behind an aisle constricting display. I hadn't seen anything quite like this since the intense and insane abuse days of 2002. And what was the special event, apart from returning from my hike? Why, I had drove the Camry, the vehicle the aforementioned brown skinned pair had driven for 20 minutes the day before.

Exciting times in perp-ville, and the sense I get is that they aren't even close to concluding their brownstalking research. And to set that above whole deal up, who planted the notion that I needed chocolate anyhow?

So now, taking possession in 2017 of the the perp-abetting parent's light metallic tan (medium brown interior) Ford Escape, the brownstalking has moved up a notch. Maybe in 2027 they will lay on a brown skinned girlfriend. (I hope to be gone by then, but given this macabre and abusive trajectory, I am not holding my breath. Nor do I want any girlfriend as she is bound to be a perp abettor). Though it seems the Psychopaths have been working on the brown girl angle in parallel as both my perp-abetting brothers have brown skinned wife/girlfriend.

Enough on browning the victim and to get this posted.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Fifteen Years On

By the time you read this, the 15th anniversary of this imposed hell will have transpired. That is to say, when I became aware that I was followed, harassed, remotely neurally monitored and controlled to a significant extent. (Now, 100% complete). Though, it seems that I have been covertly monitored, controlled and orchestrated since birth. And the Day of Infamy was just their way of going overt, and escalating the abuse. Or as I ascribe it, berserk and overt. It still astounds me that they would hound the literal shit out of someone for 15 years now, when they had been covertly orchestrating and messing with the victim (me) for the prior 47 years. Why cannot they come out of the closet, make a deal, and complete their research expeditiously?

Though I suspect that the reason might have to do with "sneaking up" on human cognition from a psychic perspective, especially when humans take measurements, and thereby bypass the "measurement problem" of quantum mechanics, whereby the observer is implicitly part of the event. Another clue, possibly related, is that in Hugh Everett's multiple worlds theory, (Wikipedia -with usual caveat, dense read version, readable version) is that a new world is created when one measures or decides something. (Which might explain why the perps so like to hound my ass when I measure something, or even estimate something, or make a decision). But of course we don't see all these worlds, so where do they go, or do they immediately collapse in some kind of "mathematically consistent theory of a universal wave function" the perps want to discover. Don't know, don't care, mostly because I don't have the smarts to put this together. And too, learning disabilities might play into this, if nothing else to cause a delay in comprehension= a differential timing of the cognitive determination of the same meme, and possibly making it asymmetric.

The gory details of their tyrannical onset are in the story (27pp) I re-read part of it recently, and I have "forgotten" a few of the details since, especially someone fixing the front end of my vehicle at the time. Though in hindsight, they didn't need to fix anything; all noise and vibration can be remotely manipulated as I since came to learn. Nor did they need to move my vehicle, to add to the notion that they took it away and fixed it. Said vehicle, my 1986 Volvo 245 was given to my daughter in 2006, and she let it sit in the driveway and didn't use it as far as I could tell. Then she sold it a year later. I never did ask her to whom; perhaps the assholes who run the Gangstalk Hall of Shame.

Never was a vehicle more followed, more subject to extra-conventional weapons and technologies. They even burned a few round spots in the seats. They could even unlock the doors (electric locks) remotely. They could even put the vehicle into reverse while driving forward, unbidden by me, and with no transmission damage no less. At this juncture they were on my ass on the highway (though not with gangstalking vehicles oddly), and a return route presented itself, (and the notion of taking it was planted in mind), and I thought, screw it, I will keep going. Then suddenly the vehicle suddenly decelerated and then went into reverse. I kid you not; its as if the wheels were disconnected from the drive train. By then, I was familiar with Them, and said "OK, I will take the return route", did not move the gearshift and the vehicle proceeded forward at the appropriate speed. I turn off and there is all this snow all of a sudden, and I proceed along with trepidation. At one point I come to a T intersection, and the text and font on the sign was so uncharacteristic that it was like out of Psycho, that I turned around and proceeded back. On the way, there was a highway maintenance truck full of snow. I still don't know what all that was about, but there was absolutely no other snow on this two hour highway drive or at higher elevations.

And upon re-reading the story, (27pp) I see that Ms. C was much more influential in freaking me out in advance of the apartment invasion than I was allowed to recall. Third party references like "that wasn't supposed to happen" and "oops, I didn't mean to say that" more than once were decidedly for setting me up to be totally anxious. Just to think, this same perp operative/asshole pours on the romance a year later, saying that she really loved me etc. and was really serious about a long term relationship. (I was now living in another country and run out of a job). This took me by total surprise, as she was such a confrontational drama queen at times. On my next US visit the perps dashed that possibility by having the US Border Patrol point their guns at me for no reason and give me this bullshit rationale that could of been conveyed at the desk on a piece of paper. Needless to say, Ms. C didn't come to visit me in Canada, so after a few years of lovey-dovey phone calls and emails of diminishing frequency that bullshit was dispensed with. (A few doppelganger sightings were in order though). Another one of those over-the-top stunts to leave me shaking my head, and yet again, asking "what was that all about".

And so as I type, my fingers don't always go to the keys I intend, and I have been keyboarding for over 40 years now. It is very infuriating not to have control over one's fingers. And my constant "companions", masers and plasma projections constantly float in and out of my vision. Masers are blackish blobs, sometimes beams, and are the magnetic equivalent to laser beams. Plasma beams come off anything and anybody, and can replicate patterns, say venetian blinds, except that the projected image will have the wall behind it and the venetian blind pattern is often in another color. All these light phenomenon are transitory, maybe a second or two at most, most often subsecond.

As far as I can tell, I am kept in a densified magnetic field, measured some 1800Gauss in 2009. Back in 2002, the Year the Perps Went Beserk/Overt, it was 180-200Gauss on industrial measuring equipment. (The measuring thing again). Interesting that they let me "discover" this aspect by having a hand compass behave strangely.

And what is it about being stalked by Asians that was so important tonight at SOF supermarket? I do my usual evening time visit to avoid the gangstalking crowds, and sure enough, there were fewer stalkers around. But an Asian woman and another man were closing in on me as I entered so I took an alternate route in the produce section. She was there in stun-out mode looking up after that, having retraced her path for some curious reason, and lo, if she didn't suddenly come at me to cross my path. Like WTF; from coming at me, to retreated, to standing dumbstruck and then coming at me again, al inside of three minutes of shopping.

I then checked out the new wine section at this supermarket, (alcohol sale laws change slowly in these here parts), and this time an Asian male was on my ass. The "stand in the way" stunt, while pretending obliviousness, and then he tails me once past him. So I decide, fuck it, I will go around to the other side of this divided aisle, and then this Fuckwit tails me and takes a shortcut through the tasting section to get on my ass again while feigning to be shopping by looking up, instead of at me while barreling toward me. So I move along and he tails me down this second route. So screw it, I bail on visiting the wine section and go to the self-checkout. So what was the whole deal about putting the extra obvious tail on my ass? Was it to limit my dopamine response to a whole new (interesting) section of the store? Seems that way; given the insane perp preoccupation with my dopamine state. And what is it about Asians that makes them the most extreme, determined and unmerciful stalkers? One visit to Chinatown (Richmond actually) in Vancouver when the perps were on my ass big time in 2002 convinced me that Asians are the most totally rabid stalkers when they get the word. Something about being remorselessly dutiful when money is waved in front of them perhaps, not to mention currying favor for later work possibilities. They are the most mercenary lot I have come to know in this sordid brutality.

A wet day in the vineyard, tying down vines all day. (Wet or cold = no headphones, therefore no music to listen to). As usual, the forced finger fumbling and freezing, tool dropping and other snags and hang ups came on, and all the more so when near the end of a row. I cannot quite figure out why three of the crew are creating more work for next year by adding extra mid-cane ties that will need to be removed by Jan-Mar 2018, next year's pruning season. The deal is that one wraps the cane around the horizontal trellis wire and then ties the end of the cane, where there is no bud. That way, one tie does the job. Three of the crew are tying down one or two more places along the cane which threatens to girdle the cane for the 2017 growing season. There were countless ties to pick out while pruning. I never got a straight answer as to why they tied the canes in mid cane last year; all was said in response to my question was, "you weren't here". No I wasn't, but how does that explain anything? It doesn't, and nor is there any explanation for doing it wrong for the second year in succession. There is something about tying down canes the perps just need to discover. And how many thousand years of viticulture has there been, and it is likely the perps were sitting behind this from the get-go. And I did notice masers for the first time floating off the ties as I tied them down on the cane ends today.

Further evidence that the whole thing is rigged; the rest of the crew walked off after getting the call for lunch, and none of them even looked or passed on the message to me, being 40' (at most) furthest away from the next guy. Like, two months ago we all made sure everyone heard the call for break time, even if down slope and 100' away, and I even got a phone call once. Today, nothing; everyone else including the crew boss just trots off. I did NOT have headphones on or any other aural impairment, so what gives? I have seen more than a few of this organized "herding", where I get defaulted to the pre-selected row, often when someone curiously leaves a gap for no apparent reason. That is, they arrive at the row ends ahead of me and instead of taking the first available one, they leave one for me. Weird.

Yoga; back to packing the place again. I go early, and folks are now arriving earlier. The arts dude came in a the last minute to block my direct view of the dishy instructor. The dude-in-the-way-of-the-view-of-the-babe stunt is so tiresome, as it is predictable.

Recent stats if they can be believed;
  • Pageviews today 49
    Pageviews yesterday 188
    Pageviews last month 6,338
    Pageviews all time history 160,539
After yoga onto the LD store, and it was a Caucasian elder fucker who stalked my ass, one aisle to the next, and again for the third time when headed to the checkout. And per usual, nothing in his hand to suggest he was actually shopping, just there to hound my ass. He was alternated with a fat woman who was also on my ass for two path crossings. Then to finish off, after purchasing (always a big perp Fuckover activity), they had a turbaned E. Indian cleaner, arriving an hour early for some strange reason. Did I mention that I find head wear highly Unfavored, as I do beards, as I do males over 20 yo. as I do dark skin? Maybe they should of put him in wheelchair to add one more Unfavored feature to his stalking schtick.

By 1000h I was able to remove my ski jacket as it finally warmed up in the vineyard. By noon, I removed my scarf. And no less, in this highly constrained abusive straight jacket I am kept in, I was allowed to listen to music on my portable player. Though not without fuckery; someone somehow put it on random play which I totally loathe unless it is a single album, which it wasn't at the time. Then the wrong album played, and I checked it again, and the displayed album was what I selected. And so it goes, this insane relentless sabotage over music reproduction, and most intensely, portable music reproduction.

Another sabotage strike, this time over lighting, specifically, a reading light. My perp abetting mother bought this for me in 2015 as a Christmas present and is made by a company that specializes in reading lamps, and with color balanced daylight bulbs. A one year warranty, and the thing made it 2.1 years, before the ballast crapped out. The light didn't make it past one year. Back and forth with the manufacturer and it "happens" that the ballast is non-replaceable. Like WTF; I expected a whole lot better than the crap Ikea lighting that doesn't make it past one year, and all I got was an extra year out of the deal. Further emails got me some lame-assed excuse about not selling the replaceable ballast (which I was planning to gerry-rig) when they surely did, per web pages.

And we know who just loves to fuck with lighting, and all the more if it is used for reading. The assimilation of information (epistemology) is of intense interest to the perps, as is the attendant lighting while reading. Which partially explains why these weird-assed gangstalkers are walking down the street reading a book for crissakes.
And yes, I am also down an Ikea reading lamp from a few years ago; another sabotaged ballast that couldn't be changed. And at least one earlier overhead low volt Ikea system ballast crapped out, also non-replaceable.

More strangeness of vineyard crew behavior today, the subtle kind. We walked over to a new block (of vines) in the afternoon and two guys were ahead of me and one disappeared, and the other starts the first row. I start the second row, and a following third guy follows in the third row a few minutes behind me. About 15 min. later, I see the single woman crew member in the third row who was well behind in the next block, and the guy who gave up this row to her is now in the fifth row, with the "disappeared" guy returning in the fourth row. All this row shuffling and no one says squat; just this ongoing subterfuge and the accompanying heads-down avoidance. At least they could of made a skit of it or something, even if a feeble one. But no, just this strange tacit collusion of nothing said.

Another day of tying down vines, this time in the rain. Heavy helicopter coverage today, this time starting with a big ~15 place Sikorsky. Then an hour later the Search and Rescue comes by with their distinctive yellow EH 101. Then another pass when they come back from the airport 30 min. later. More traffic from a local EC 135 later, timed when the afternoon commercial Q-400 passenger flight was coming in, in keeping with the fixed wing-rotary wing combinations they like to put on. With a helipad at at the winery I am sure they will be landing a few there in the coming months, bringing the rotary winged aircraft right to the victim's work area.

Don't forget the perps think long term on this aircraft stalking theme; back in 2012 recall that they put the Search and Rescue EH 101 (CH 149) on my McIntyre Bluff hiking route, having it hover just over the ground some 300m away in an open spot for 20 minutes. Some months later, after the aborted hikes from thunderstorms were over, I "discovered" this same location which became my tanning spot, and to which I have returned many times each year. It is off trail and I don't get stalked by ambulatory personnel, save overhead aircraft of course. In other words, they pre-selected the location I would routinely return to, and had a large three engine helicopter hover there at full power, which is very strange. Normally they look for a landing spot and set down, but to hover for 20 minutes only a few feet from the ground is strange.

No headphone use today for the rain, though 4 of the 6 of us were plugged into their earphones. For some reason the perps want to keep me on headphone use, and thereby, keep me weather dependent as to when I use them. As such, I predict the rainiest summer yet, as they so love to disrupt my music listening experience. Should I get earphones I suspect they will "malfunction" or else get plain uncomfortable, something the perps can gauge and control by remote means, impossible as it may sound. More than ever, my outside music listening is under overt governance, though inside they seem to let me listen often since they got their amplifier sabotage (2x) and subsequent delays done with in  2016. One of the crew warned me off of earphones, saying that it takes many attempts to get ones that fit.

Onto farm work; it wouldn't be the first time I have come to this conclusion, but I swear the perps are up to their infrequent games of doing our work while we are away on break. One guy was two rows over and proceeding in the same direction and was about the same row location, three "panels" (20' each, the span between posts) from the end. When we came back from break he tied vines for 5 minutes or so and then walked off to a new row. I checked out his row and it was complete. It seems "someone" (perps and their remote object manipulating games that is), had done nearly three panels in his absence, all to advance him some 20 minutes ahead of me.

This would not be the first time that farm work was mysteriously done over break time. The most unusual occurrence was the first day of my first farm job in 2008, picking daffodil bulbs. (Reported in this blog at the time). The crew of 20 or so took their first break in the bus, and when we returned the boxes had been stacked and placed in rows for truck pickup. It was most remarkable, as it had to been at least 80 to 100 boxes of bulbs were moved from the rows, placed to the side and stacked. I swear there was no party that came and did this, as no one was around, and it was the crew who were to do this work anyhow. Nothing like this  happened for the next three years of bulb picking, but all the same, one cannot count on object permanence in TI World. Or this world for that matter, as determined by the covert machinations of Thems. Just to think of the possibilities, or more like, astounding ramifications; all such manual labor could be replaced by perp directed remote object manipulation. So why do they put humans through all this toil, and singularly backbreaking toil before the advent of engines, automation and hydraulics?

All dressed up for work and ready to go, and the call came that there was too much rain. I laid down for a while, and lo, if I didn't start feeling sick. Sure enough, the assholes had me puke up 2 hours after breakfast, brown colored it was. More lying around and then the call that there would be no work today.

At about 1100h the rain abated, and I set off to dispose of the reading lamp (per above), and two pairs of headphones that have been sabotaged. Another holy vehicular gangstalk; post rain, still with wet streets, but one would of thought it was a big city commute for all the road traffic. All that coverage to accompany me to the recycle depot to drop off the sabotaged items. (There must be a French suffix for this; sabotageail?).

Still more gong-show vehicular gangstalking levels on the way back, the assholes screwing me out of making a second stop concerning lighting. As in replacing the above mentioned reading light they took out.

The landlord came by and told me his tale of woe over keeping the house. (He and his wife live in a house on the property, I live in a separate carriage house, but the utilities are shared, no separate metering for me). It seems he wants to crank the rent up, and put it in terms of "helping us make a decision" about keeping his house or renting it out. Which would mean that he would have to coordinate the groundskeeping. And it would mean having some other party 60' away, and most likely a perp-selected disruptive one. (Read kids/dogs at my door or some such unconstrained yobbo behavior I predict). It has been a cold winter for sure, and I am never really sure where the landlord is coming from, as he has been known to cast BS in the past. Going back three years he said he would consider dropping the rent if my power usage was low. I didn't use the air conditioner much the next two summers and then he raised the rent. Given that he is a realtor, he is streets ahead of me in silver tongued skills.

A trip to the tanning salon was another high gangstalking event; a seeming convergence of freaks. An overweight fugly vagrant, two young women, one native Indian and the other Caucasian with huge holes hacked in her jeans, enough to see her underwear. And why on earth would a medium brown native Indian need a tan? And a black haired Caucasian woman preceded me into the salon. All too often they like to present deep black shiny hair, possibly related to the time I had a Newfoundland dog (all black, 1973-78) and the then-wife always slacked off on combing his hair, so I always did it. In other words, lots of deep black hair contact.
A day off, and I was finally allowed to get hiking at the trail head at 1200h, which absolutely pisses me off. I want to start at least 3 hours earlier, even if it is a 3 hour hike, and I haven't been able to do better than 1100h in the four years I have been doing this same hike. "Something" just comes up; today it was vacuuming this place, after getting up too late (10 hour sleep). The vacuuming was needed in part because I have been killing at least 20 ants a day during this high ant invasion season. The assholes even had one climbing around on the visor of my vehicle for crissakes.

And the usual cast of freaks on the trail; the dude swarm, the dudes-in-shorts pair (10C, crissakes), and the shirtless male when there was hail (and intermittent sunshine). Said Fuckwit was part of a couple that tailed me up and down, something highly unusual on this particular trail. But not unexpected in the sphere of being gangstalked all the time.

I learned that my work buddy of last year, with whom I had many interesting conversations, and who now works elsewhere, smashed his kneecap on a winery job. He has had surgery and has pins and his knee is totally immobilized. I maintain there are no such thing as accidents in my sphere, those who know, or once knew me. As they are in on this whole charade of having an orchestrated existence, so what kind of deal did they cut for that to "happen"? Don't know; perhaps there is a payments spreadsheet, based on the degree of victim (me) involvement, and in order beget higher payment (or opportunities) they get injured. The perps tell me one day I will be allowed to know, but who can believe them?

Anniversary of the Day of Infamy, aka, Total Life Invasion, and Onset of Relentless Abusiveness and Ruination. I worked today, to make up for the rain-out two days ago. All by myself as it turned out, being let in by the vineyard manager. A dull and boring day, pulling old tendrils off the irrigation lines and ensuring none of the irrigation hanger clips were missing.  The weather let up mostly, and after 1000h I got to listen to my portable music player. That is always a benchmark of the harassment level, for whatever reason.

In the evening, I visited above colleague who has the repaired kneecap and a leg in a cast. It will be two months before he is on his own pins. I did the "care bear" thing; bringing him food, music and books. Plus that earthing pad that I cannot bear to use on my bare feet as they get too cold. It seemed like I was on autopilot the whole visitation, some three hours. Not the usual reflective and responsive nature of my normal cognitive self, such as that is in these circumstances.

And still I cannot get any empathy from anyone in having prostate cancer. He never asks anything, like "how is it going/looking?', but it is not just him. I haven't had any interest from my daughter in 10 months. What is it, some big joke that I am not in on? Call it empathy restriction and containment for now.

Said colleague "needed" to go to the jar store to get some alcoholic refreshments, as it is difficult to pack things when on crutches. I drove us there, and while there I got the two (gangstalker) dude  pinch. A pair of them, and they split apart as if coordinated and then come from each side of this 8' display toward me and my colleague. One stopped, picked up a case of beer, the other came in close, "needing" to get to the same cooler case by managed "coincidence". He then tailed us on the way to the checkout. Said Fuckwits tailed us out the store, and then in their vehicle for a block.

And what is it about the perps screwing me out of taking my wallet when going out? They pulled this shit a number of times, but backed off to once/year for the last five or so. Now, twice in three days they pulled this shit. At least they didn't have me find out at the checkout, but one never knows what juvenile fuckery variations are coming down.

Another perp trick of considerable consistency is blocking me from videos when first wanting to see a new artist on Youtube. The notion (planted no doubt) to see GS of JA came to mind so I looked her up and selected one, and lo, if no audio would come through. Screw that, so the next day, I tried again. That the video took 10 minutes to load surely wasn't a fluke either, then it suddenly came on when I was browsing something else. Call it another repeat instance of the staged intro; delayed start, then first only visual, then audio only, then both together. This follows an unrelated DVD that strangely "failed" yesterday, freeze framing after watching it for 40 minutes.

Anyhow, enough of the litany of extra-conventional abuse in this Contained Universe.