Sunday, November 12, 2017

Post Gamma Ray Day

My prostate cancer treatment session (in Kelowna) was at 1224h today; I learned that it is gamma rays that they project through me after lining me up on the bed. I got the "usual" gangstalking weirdness on arrival. An ambulatory stalker was crossing the driveway path to hold me up at the three way intersection into the parking lot, and then made out to cross my path again, but dip-shitted in place. And as I cruised the length of this too-small parking lot, and found the only open stall of about 40, and pull in to park, why, who should enter the vehicle next to me but this same woman. The stalking when parking, exiting the vehicle etc. game has increased considerably of late, and no more at the cancer clinic parking lot having driven some 80km to get there. And too, the stalkers and putzers at the parking meter, and then more when I go through the double doors. This time it was an elder-duckie in a fedora who just had to step in the way of the sliding doors and block my egress. And of course this Fuckwit had go go through first. All abetted by the fact that the doors aren't opening as wide now, presumably because of the winter weather. At least 8 other bystanders on my way to the building wing, and then another pair leading me at a slow pace down some 20m of hallway. Why do I constantly get these loping aisle blockers ahead of me going down this particular building wing where the treatment area is?

[Slight misleading in the title; Mon-Fri is gamma ray day, not just today. I don't know how this title came to mind, and wasn't error trapped for veracity- these things "happen" more often now]

The featured vapid young woman called me to the treatment room, this time dressed in black as if it were an evening outfit. Normally she wears a white smock. Her helper was a E. Indian, brown skinned woman whom I had not met before, or perhaps in passing. Normally there is a blonde woman aiding the featured young woman. Anyhow, the whole deal was all done in short order, and I changed, and then headed out. A kiddie-stalk in the hallway as I made the corner, along with a hug. Regular TI's will know, bringing kids to help stalk the victim is de rigeur, so it appalls me all the more that they get dragged into this despicable life raping rampage that has gone on for over 15 years now.

And in keeping with the flush of stalking these days, a post-treatment swarm of 5 parties was all oncoming, heading to the hospital as I drove along the first residential street. Like WTF; I hadn't seen anyone here before, and now five parties, one of whom couldn't bring themselves to walk on the sidewalk, but on the street. It was good enough for all the others, so why not them, especially with a child in hand. So yet again, I had to hold up for the oncoming vehicle to pass before I could proceed past these dumbshits that could not walk on a sidewalk, which was a whole lot safer that the street as there was a 8' median between the street and sidewalk. I predict that there will be more "holdups" on the way out; either ambulatory and/or vehicular. A road accident is always a good excuse. Now 11 treatments of 28, so who knows what is going to erupt. I am sure the perps have been waiting this whole 15 years to hammer me with gamma radiation and see what they get from it in terms of the interaction with the myriad masers that float around me and above me while getting the irradiation treatment.

I had my usual assortment of vehicles on the highway, there and back; logging trucks seem to be a regular component of the stalking show. I don't suppose it is a coincidence that I worked in forestry for 20 years, though not logging directly.

Yoga tonight, and the instructor didn't show up, so a student took over. She did a good job in all, and there was about 16 yogis tonight, all women save one dude. There seems to be a dude rotation going on; new ones every week. Last week it was shirtless one; today's special didn't seem to have much of a clue about yoga. It seemed that at least 80% were new, so again, it just strikes as strange that so many new yogis come and then filter out.

No logging truck to precede me for many km today, but a truck hauling a trailer full of willow or dogwood plantings; 6'x10' trailer full of red colored stems about 3' high and the ubiquitous plastic cover over them, though a perforated one that didn't catch the wind so much. And yes, live and dead plant matter (cuttings and pruning in fact do contain live plant cells for a time), are often trotted out as gangstalking props. Not to mention they have kept me in farming and viticulture jobs for the past 9 years handling plant material, again, cutting, planting, pulling off excess shoots, thinning grape bunches etc.

The same two-some in positioning me on the bed again today; the featured young woman is a little more friendly with a little more eye contact. Today she was wearing a brown checkered shirt and black tights and her knee-high brown leather boots.

And the "usual" swarm of Fuckwits around me when imbibing water at the fountain, my pre-treatment routine to attain the full bladder requirement beforehand. Of them, one cutish 30 something woman was giving me the eye for crissakes. (I checked her out as she had the same height and build as the Good Doctor (of Kelowna), but she wasn't unless morphed over). Though I do find it so interesting that the majority of gangstalkers are gaze averse, save the odd cute female who gives me the eye, sometimes being 40 years younger than me.

Then "usual" loafing crew in the hallways post radiotherapy treatment today. Then the barrelling in of a white Ford Escape into the vehicle exit, by a granny no less. I waited out this egregious stupidity in my silver-brown Ford Escape. Then out of town along Hwy 97, and of course, the traffic is busy around me every day, though I have no prior experience to know if this this normal Kelowna traffic or not. I suspect not, based on two prior city's experience, and too, Debbie Newhook commented on the plethora of traffic around us when I visited her in Nanaimo back in 2010.

A morning trip to Kelowna for radiotherapy, then a consult with the oncologist afterward. Most everything is reasonably OK in the circumstances, and I am not tired yet. He tells me that weight gain is common among prostate radiotherapy treatment patients, to which I can confirm. I have gained 4.0kg since this began and am halfway through this week. Well... maybe it it because the gamma ray radiation is depleting the dopamine in the prostate region which then signals adiposity (fat deposition). I say this because dopamine mediates (perhaps, governs) adioposity and insulin activity in cells based on my readings of the scientific literature. And as dopamine diminishes some 1%/year on average after age 40 hence, middle age spread. The extensive body (non-Central Nervous System, or "peripheral", a usage I absolutely loathe) hormonal effects of dopamine are known in the main, but getting it to clinical practice will take at least 100 years IMHO. Never mind that methylation mutations, likely the root cause of so many hormonal disruptions (including dopamine), will not likely make it to conventional mainstream medical practice any time sooner. Dopamine agonists can work, but still only address the symptoms.

I have looked for gamma ray effects on dopamine but I haven't seen anything definitive in the literature online.

That the radiotherapy treatments are making me pee more often is also noted. Another effect of low dopamine, base on my readings of the non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, (a low and declining dopamine situation in the nigra striatum of the brain), is that is causes urinary problems, some 4 years ahead of PD. There is no PD in the family, so no worries there, but urinary issues, dementia and blindness all loom into duckie-hood (geriatric stage of life) based on my parent's life, so I am considerably concerned that my low dopamine state was totally blown off by the shrink in my visit (09-2017) in an attempt to get the longer term issues dealt with. Not only did I have a SPECT scan to back me up, but a 01-2017 dopamine urine test too. He didn't look at the scans, just the report, and didn't look at the urine test at all. Throwing "darts in the dark" is how conventional psychiatry is typified. I would add, "wilfully and indiscriminately throwing darts in the dark, and don't care to do better". In the case of my issues, the last visit amounts to wilful obstruction of treatment. Nothing new there when it seems that I have been monitored and messed with all my life, and the 04-2002 apartment invasion in Seattle and later fall out was designed exactly to obstruct getting better. As if 47 years of ADD wasn't enough, being raised by two ADD parents, and then when getting substantially better, why, the Pyschopathic Division of the SS of the 4th Reich arrives to take over, aka "R&R", Run and Ruin. Thanks a fucking bunch.

After a restless night last night, and getting up at 0600h, I got hammered with a 3 hour nap attack this afternoon. This is the rare instance where a nap attack has a valid basis for occurring. All my present notions of working out at the gym, and increasing my dopamine, keep getting diverted into doing squat. Did I also mention that dopamine has a huge impact on motivation? It does, big time; ask any PD neurologist.

Snowy on the way to Kelowna and back today, about 0C. Back to logging trucks on the highway near me, .........

A sudden word processing crap-out as I attempt to detail the following. A whistleblower (now a TI) from a security firm speaks about TI's, and estimates 1-2 million actively controlled TI's in the US at this video, (1h 17m) though I don't know his name, where his blog or other podcasts are. There is nothing technically I would disagree with and I find his presentation wholly credible. What is of intense interest to me is that his experience is from the city of Seattle and how deep mind control technologies are being applied there. Well... as it "happens", I lived there from mid-1999 to late 2002, so I would not be surprised that I was guinea pig in all of that, and how it is constantly refined. After all, 15 years later, they are still refining their methods, eliciting trauma responses and whatever DNA, energetic, color and all the systems in one's body.

Onto the mayhem of governance; not only do we have President Trump, despite  admiration I have for some of his policies, "acting" up and creating chaos in his belligerent fashion, we now have the power elite too. No less than George Soros backing the negroes and the multicultural schtick that is nothing less than a takedown of order and civic function, backing groups that have no interest in democracy. Ergo, the ridiculously named Black Lives Matter has his support, which by strong association is that of the power elite. All here at the Modern History Project, this link. He is also backing the "multicultural trashing of Europe". Well done George, and exactly what does that accomplish? War by attritional domestic violence perhaps (aka social chaos), as if we don't have enough of it here in the world. Recall my lessons from the perps; competence and civic normality is not allowed (for long). And the statistics are astounding;
Here are some urban crime statistics that speak for themselves. Who benefits from this?
CityBlack + LatinoViolent CrimeMayor
Oakland, CA25% + 27%5x national avgDemocrat
Stockton, CA11% + 44%4x national avgDemocrat
Chicago, IL32% + 29%3x national avgDemocrat
Detroit, MI80% + 8%6x national avgDemocrat
Memphis, TN63% + 7%5x national avgDemocrat
Baltimore, MD63% + 5%4x national avgDemocrat
Cleveland, OH51% + 11%4x national avgDemocrat
St. Louis, MO48% + 4%4x national avgDemocrat
Atlanta, GA52% + 3%3x national avgDemocrat
(Stats as of 2014 from
One has to wonder where it is all going, as if remote neural monitoring, population control and gangstalking and harassment wasn't enough, now increased social agitation (e.g. bused-in protesters), traumatization and chaos.

Saw Lisa Brokop at the Dream Cafe tonight, seating capacity 120. What an awesome show, and an awesome performer. For now at least, I have faith in humanity. And nothing like a great entertainer live, especially her good humor and uplifting grace. Beats youtube and other online recorded video anytime.

At the show I had my usual preponderance of Fuckwits hanging at my back, because the aisle was behind me. Normally they have me up against the far wall and people pass in front of me, which of course brings other harassment issues. And there was the return of  the rather unsmiling (though attractive) voluptuous waitress of two visits ago that kept banging into me without apology. She in her tattoos creeping over her chest, as seen in the same low and wide cut top. Not that she said hello or anything this time, but just needed to hang around me lots, she still has a large ass, parked 4" from me while bending over at the table next to me. Even if it wasn't her table, as it was the Asian waitress' table area. Whatever; still, a great show.

And why the stink of raw diesel fuel when I step out of my vehicle now? (It runs on gasoline). No spillage that I can see, and if there is a conventional source, it must be from the neighbors over the fence.

Remembrance Day here in Canada, a national holiday. A shut-in day too. And kept busy by ongoing re-reads of JFK assassination books and some supporting YouTube videos. In fact, this whole retrospective has been going on for the last two weeks, and hopefully is now done for whatever perp mind monitoring (information meme patrol) objective they have planned.

The book, Dr. Mary's Monkey by Ed Haslam (read second) is getting re-read with some topical interest; a secret linear accelerator in New Orleans that was used for irradiating cancer tumors in mice, and then re-iterating the process to make them more virulent and ultimately more lethal, to the point of being a bioweapon. Which is what they accomplished; an unwitting prisoner was injected with the cancer and died 28 days later, right on cue. This in August 1963. Because the lead lab technician, Judyth Vary Baker (JVB, author of Me and Lee- read first), was upset about this, and wrote this in a letter delivered to her sponsor, Dr. Ochsner, and thereby violating the rule that she documented their interaction, she got dismissed, and with her Lee Harvey Oswald, her lover/handler, (LHO) who got dispatched to Dallas to play the patsy to the JFK assassination.

And was the dark hand of the perps behind all this, and sitting over top of their conventional world proxies, the CIA (aka, Criminals in Action, not just the Cocaine Importing Agency)? From the coincidences and behavioral oddities perspective, I would say yes, though not obviously. First, when JVB moved to New Orleans she was invited to a party where she would meet her direct supervisor for the first time, Dr Mary Sherman. This inaugural personal meeting of a keen 20 y.o. cancer research student assigned to a senior US, if not world, respected cancer researcher was a blow-off; Dr Sherman didn't even say hello, preferred to speak with the hispanics there and left early. JVB was understandably nonplussed, if not a little upset. This kind of blow-off, with prior great expectations, is a classic perp move in my experience. They love to foil introductions, especially at the inception where individuals would be getting to know each other much better, which was the plan, and which did later unfold. As to whether Dr. Sherman was knowingly acting according to a directive from someone else, or whether she was mind controlled and didn't know, no one can say. But her rude first introduction was totally out of character, as she would do weekly rounds at the children's hospital as part of her regular duties. She was always gracious and a class act from what others recounted in Dr Mary's Monkey.

Then there was the stated objective of the cancer bioweapon; it was so that it could be used against Castro as soon as possible, so that JFK's detractors would not get too impatient and decide to take him out instead. Well, the bioweapon worked (per above), LHO took it to Mexico to transfer to Cuba, and no one showed up at the drop location. It was at least four months of intense secret work, using a secret linear accelerator, some thousands of dead mice, at least one dead human, and all of the participants with day jobs, and then the CIA somehow "fails" to execute on the central objective. It doesn't add up. So why did they want this covert research done?

Haslam, in Dr Mary's Monkey suggests that the cancer work was to negate the blatant stupidity of deploying earlier polio vaccines that contained monkey viruses, some capable of causing cancer over the long term. That is, find a way to clean up the seemingly inadvertent introduction of SV-40 (the 40th virus found in monkeys BTW) into the human population. (I don't buy into this as it was such a technical long shot, and I am not sure even present day science knows of an approach that could address SV-40 in the human population). Others in NIH at the time, most notably Bernice Eddy, conveyed that these viruses would cause a human cancer epidemic in future years, which has happened. (Proving causal isn't going to be easy). But, it is interesting to note that the linear accelerator "accident", as it seems from Haslam's investigation, didn't occur until April 1964. So there is no knowledge of how this device was used, and for what purpose, as the bioweapon work, its ostensible purpose, ended in Aug. 31, 1963. So what was the linear accelerator used for during this 8 month interval?

There is a suggestion that by irradiating SV-40 that its viral cousin, HIV was created by mutating SV-40. Presumably this needed further testing beyond the contributions of JVB and LHO, who were under the impression it was for a cancer bioweapon for taking out Castro, a deeply held sentiment in New Orleans in those days. It is my speculation that Dr Mary Sherman was purposely taken out when this further stage of HIV testing was complete. She was not part of the JFK conspiracy (other than knowing LHO and Ferrie and working with them on the cancer bioweapon), was not of interest to the Warren Commission, and harbored no malevolent political intent, unlike her superior, Dr. Ochsner. After the accident, (coincidentally, the first day of the Warren Commission hearings in New Orleans), they shut down the linear accelerator, removed it, cleaned out the building. The FBI later shut down the investigation into Dr. Sherman's demise, and even RFK himself phoned the New Orleans police department investigators asking how it was going. The FBI had earlier declared it was a local murder, as they had no investigative authority. True enough, but Haslam's analysis strongly suggests that the "accident"/murder occurred on US Federal property, and would of been an FBI case. Which explains why there was so much Federal government interest in Dr Sherman's case. Haslam makes a strong case that the linear accelerator malfunction, (or perhaps sabotage) caused Dr. Sherman's death and that the body was transported back to her residence with additional crime scene augmentation to make it look like an burglary gone wrong.

Apparently, the linear accelerator was a cash up front $10m purchase and was installed and run in great secrecy by 1960. Would they, whoever are the true over-arching sponsors, really invest in this considerable effort from 1960 to 1964 and suddenly drop it because of an accident? It doesn't add up either. It would seem to me that whatever the ultimate purpose was, (creation of HIV is suggested, per Haslam, and it seems plausible to me), was attained, and was professionally repugnant to Dr. Sherman, and she got nixed. JVB was fortunate that of all these projects, the cancer bioweapon, its possible HIV creation ulterior motive, and LHO's involvement in the JFK assassination, that she lived to tell part of the tale, and what a story it is (Me and Lee).

Then there is the timing of it all (aka coincidence count); they finished their bioweapon proving in Aug. 1963, and JVB complained in writing about its gruesome testing outcome to Dr. Ochsner. As she succinctly put it, she came to New Orleans to study how to defeat cancer, not to kill people with it. But Ochsner's regular secretary wasn't there that day, (coincidence meter going off here), but a substitute who would of been privy to the contents. Ochsner went livid, reneged on his promise to send JVB to Tulane Medical School (weeks before the term started), and she was dispatched to Florida to work in a lab. She wasn't with LHO in the run up in Dallas and the JFK assassination. This also freed up LHO to be "involved" in Dallas, a patsy at best. This split up the lovers, ultimately for good. I cannot believe that the JFK assassination was planned for any less than 6 months in advance, likely close to a year, so it seems it is just too much of a coincidence to have LHO in a key role to suddenly be available 3 months ahead of time.

Then there is the big picture; a secret linear accelerator in New Orleans, used for secret night time irradiation of cancer tumors, and installed and run for over 4 years. (There had to be others involved, as Dr. Sherman had a major day job). Would the perps really be unaware of that? (Or if you don't buy into this theme, their conventional world proxies, the CIA). Not only that, fomenting the anti-Castro movements in their various forms, from invasion forces, e.g. Bay of Pigs with 2,000 men (invading at the location of Castro's favorite fishing grounds for crissakes). That the CIA director, Dulles, was out of town on the day of the invasion when his permission was vitally needed to take out the few jet trainers/fighters the Cubans had. That doesn't add up either; it was planned for failure, and very possibly to stiff JFK with it, hence the anti-JFK sentiment that ran so deep in the southern US then. Curiously, when LBJ, a Texan, takes over the presidency, the anti-Castro sentiment dissipates. All to be subsumed by the senseless Vietnam misadventure; a trillion dollar war, half a world away, with 59,000 US dead, and perhaps 2m Vietnamese, in a region of no US geo-political interest; that doesn't add up and no one has bothered to find out why.

All the above is a very long riff, when in fact it is a coincidence (not that I believe in the concept), that I am halfway through my six week Mon-Fri treatment for prostate cancer by external beam radiotherapy, gamma rays delivered by a linear accelerator.

Other curious coincidences in Ed Haslam's story that suggest meta-governance in his book, when in 1972 an out-of-town female college student who he befriended, took an apartment which had a peculiar smell. A woman living in the basement complained of "those men and the horrible things they did to those animals". The woman friend rightfully asked about the place, and New Orleans history in an attempt to understand what the whole picture was. Haslam told her what he knew, but did not know of the illicit lab location of David Ferrie, working for Dr Sherman, with JVB's support. Only in 1992 did he realize that the apartment was in fact the illicit lab location. Just another coincidence that he encountered the former illicit cancer research lab that he was to write about in 2007? Possibly, but then again, regular readers will know what I think of coincidences.

A spoofing incident also occurred in 1972. Ed Haslam and the above mentioned friend were invited to a party and they met a woman at a party claiming to be JVB, who claimed to have met LHO. The JFK and Garrison trial was off-topic to the couple, so they departed the party. Only in 2000, courtesy of 60 Minutes doing fact checking did Ed Haslam run into the real JVB. So who chose to present themselves as an imposter to JVB when she was totally unknown in New Orleans and JFK assassination circles? Post JFK and LHO deaths, Ferrie instructed her to lie low to stay alive, and she did just that for 30 years. No cancer research, and coincidentally, two witnesses that Garrison asked, both failed to mention JVB. She was unknown and untraceable to any investigator at the time. (Both LHO and JVB practiced public furtive measures so they would not be associated together, though lovers). Yet someone knew, and someone chose to spoof her in 1972 to the eventual author of this great book, Dr Mary's Monkey.

In detailing the above coincidences/peculiarities, I am not intending to in any way impugn the book, Dr Mary's Monkey, by Ed Haslam. It is very readable, well researched with perceptive analysis and with local lore added to make a very convincing read. There is no doubt in my mind he has solved the peculiar case of Dr Mary Sherman's death and explained why the investigation was ultimately shut down by someone higher up. And it raises deep questions as to the state of long term public health in North America, particularly with respect to cancer and HIV. Highly recommended. And if you don't like my meta-analysis of the coincidences I have mentioned above, I am fine with that, and don't let it interfere with reading this fascinating book.

I don't do TI organization stuff much any more, phone call sessions and the like, though I probably should, but I cannot see the point. After 15 years of this abuse, I have given up caring to be blunt. The perps must like this dystopic state, having managed me for dysthymia all my life, a co-morbid condition of ADD. And just when turning the corner with the right diagnosis, (a four shrink battle, settled with a SPECT scan), and right medication in 04-2002, why, they run me into ruin and take it away. This past August's consult with the idiotic shrink (yet to be concluded, though I will give him a ringing dissenting written opinion), in an attempt to deal with low dopamine issues as it relates to non-CNS issues, has left me in a rather despondic state. Now, what do I do? Go to a Florida clinic that understands the usefulness of scans, the role of cellular methylation SNP's for MTHFR and COMT (and its effects on dopamine), and puts something together? I reckon it will be $25k at least. Then I run the risk of bringing it all back to Canada and getting screwed, say (real example), "its not peer reviewed science".

Anyhow, unbeknownst to me in the last few months of this holding pattern, though largely dictated by daily focused gamma beam therapy, there was a TI Conference 10-21,23-2017. Like a real one, where one registers (free even), attends, and goes to sessions. OMG; this is near mainstream cred. And here it is, even under the kitschy rubric of Hope and Unity Conference, held in that perp deep town, Boston MA. I am impressed, though I have no idea where the next North American one will be, and hopefully not Victoria, BC, perp deep as it comes. Just count the aerial density to know how perp deep.

Every four to six weeks they let me watch a DVD, even if I have a stack of 15 or so that have been kicking around for years and I have meant to get to every one. This time, The Manchurian Candidate, one of the all time movies to see from the TI [perspective. Well done, and many themes running in this show; mind controlled military non-consensual subjects, private contractors deploying technology into subjects under military direction, staged heroic battle events (I think), the over-the-top US political machinations, the coterie of federal "secret" service keeping tabs on the subject, the mind controlled "lone nut" assassin, impressively faked security footage done in real time, and faked deaths of the victims. And if cinema is really a proxy for the shadow world, this film was a rich trove indeed, seamlessly integrated into a plausible whole.  Using "old technology" as I know it, that is, implants, but that makes for better cinema as there is something more tangible than what I deal with. A good show, though not essential if you are deep in the rabbit hole. On  the other hand, it is interesting to see where cinema is and how they are gently inculcating the masses with such astonishing capabilities.

Enough for a week of rambling on, being out of work these days, so what else am I to do?