Sunday, September 17, 2017

Blue Plasma Dot Matrix

The blue plasma dot matrix came on this morning. This is where a uniform field of bright blue dots (2-3mm), in a orthogonal pattern (matrix), dots spaced 3-4", stays in my visual field for about 5 seconds, and follows my vision; wherever I look, it is there for that duration. And what was the event that precipitated this occurrence? Why, I was looking for my glasses when I got up, and didn't find them in the usual location under my cot on its dark blue towel (where I put them every night), but for some reason I left them in the bathroom. So, on my way into the bathroom, and when identifying and then retrieving my glasses I had this blue plasma dot matrix in my visual field. Other such blue plasma dot matrix occurrences have been when I am changing my clothes, always a big perp event, the energy change with clothing changes, that is, changes of color and fabrics and whatever energy interaction that brings to one's physical state. As of late, I get a plasma dot matrix show about once every two weeks.

Which augments why gangstalkers just love to arrange clothing changes in my presence, (putting on or off sweaters or jackets) or on rare occasions, more ridiculous partial clothes; e.g. one guy had his shirt cut vertically (not short) so that his half shirt covered his L side only, the R side bare skin. And of course, they like to be around me whenever I make clothing changes of an expectable and normal weather or comfort related nature. I don't cut up my clothing and do the weird gangstalker nonsense. Nor do I wander around in summer like some males, even elder males, walking the streets with no shirt. Just patently absurd.

Miles Mathis calls the 2017 Charlotesville Event fake, and has this zinger of a posting to back it up. I haven't read all the research or checked out all the youtube references, but I think he is right. Too bad President Trump didn't call it fake too, but then I suppose he is part of the facade, not to mention stirring it all up some more. Though I am totally on board with Trump's perspective, as much as I don't think he will be a good president, not even a mediocre one. According to one of his ex aides, the Trump administration is no longer the one the voters voted for. Why am I not surprised, as it has long been my determination based on extrapolating this harassment experience, that the governments of Western nations are but a pretense.

Of perturbing note in the above reference to Sunstein, and his notorious 2008 paper "Conspiracy Theories" and the quote;

Our main policy idea is that government should engage in cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories.

is the term, "cognitive infiltration" for conspiracts. Which means everybody in effect, as one is in constant state of awareness, and detecting conspiracies, fudges, dodges, lies and other BS is what humans do all the time. Some do it for a living, e.g. LEO's and justice system professionals, and anyone who evaluates human behavior for a living. And of course, the 9-11 analysis, some of which is mentioned below, and news to me, some don't believe any aircraft were crashed that day.

As a TI, I can say "cognitive infiltration" has been going on all my life, and over the last 15 years of this senseless and relentless harassment, it has developed to "cognitive governance" (by remote means). It is a slippery slope for sure; developing and refining the capabilities of remotely governing one individual (thousands of TI's in fact) , and then applying the findings to the masses in varying degrees, depending on the objectives of the puppet master.

Speaking of puppet masters, this time going back into recorded history, I read an excellent book titled "The Gods of Eden" by William Bramley. From the back cover "as a result of seven years of intensive research, William Bramley has uncovered the sinister thread that links humanity's darkest events.... Bramley presents disturbing evidence of an alien presence on Earth- extraterrestrial visitors who have conspired to dominate Humankind through violence and chaos since the beginning of time... a conspiracy which continues to this very day". His research is solid, and not conflationary (adding facts together), and he really didn't want to accept his findings at first, as it was his intent to only write a book on the causes of war, thinking it was largely monetary or territorial gain, but at each turn, there were organized background players (the Brotherhood), who at times, had alien influences or connections. Highly recommended.

One interesting history analysis I found was that the House of Hanover (of Germany) managed to install their own monarch in England, who then promoted more wars needing mercenaries from Germany. And at huge costs to the Treasury, but then, governments overspending is nothing new, is it?

My landlords are away, and did mention that a plumber is coming to do some work on the house. But they did not say the plumber would shut down the water supply, so that leaves me showerless at the moment, some two hours into my morning, my first of being unemployed after seven months of vineyard work. Not a coincidence I am sure, though I am hard pressed to know what it is. That the perps have an abiding interest in my water supply, intake, exposure (say swimming, showering), and laundering is an understatement to say the least. They made that plain by stealing just laundered clothing, twice, in the first year of this abuse-athon. And they do love water leaks, as well as flicking drops around. Sometimes I read about city water mains bursting and wonder if the perps aren't up to their usual games, just that is has a semblance of plausible cause. Then of course, one could take that to the level of floods, e.g. two recent hurricanes, Irma (Texas) and Harvey (Florida), and the attendant storm surges.

Now 1100h, and the water is back on. Thanks for the notice. I have nothing really to complain about given the weather catastrophes, that is hurricanes, mentioned above.

Yoga tonight; a new schedule and they have now down graded my regular class time once more into a more mellow moksana class. Three years ago the manager was mentioning that I needed more of a challenge. Well she didn't take her own advice, and has twice downgraded power (ashtenga) yoga now to this lame-assed form. Perhaps it is my hint to move on elsewhere, not unusual in how things work out in this ongoing abuse-athon.

Out doing errands this morning, my first non-working Monday in 7 months,and what a gangstalk shit show. Not only reams of vehicular gangstalking, on the road, but vehicular cluster fucks in every parking lot. And of "course" ambulatory stalkers to cover me when I traversed the parking lot. And of "course" the pit lampers, the ones that constantly "happen" to be aiming their headlights at me, especially at building egress. The perps had me is some kind of special state, perhaps de-energizing my temporal lobes (again) as I felt kind of stoned or floaty. Laying on extra stalking attention when they pull this shit has been noted in the past.

And in the long running game of things going wrong, a food order has gone missing. A wholesaler who drops the order off at my address and then apparently, doesn't tell anyone. [later] It was sorted out; the delivery dipshit phoned on Friday, four days ago, but didn't leave a message and left the food order (a cardboard box) at the W side of the landlord's house, an area they don't frequent. So the landlord missed it, and the delivery dipshit didn't leave a message, and it sat there outside for four days. Miraculously no animals got into it, as it would of fed 100's of raccoons for weeks. All this started from getting one of those peculiar "phone calls" where it doesn't ring but only leaves a log entry, and abetted by the dipshit delivery twit not leaving a message and then not responding to an email, all assuming this wasn't staged. All to leave my food outside for four days, some 80' away on the other side of the landlord's house. Have I had enough of this shit?

And what is it about ensuring TI's get shit service, this time my amplifier that was sent to the bus depot two weeks ago. I didn't get any confirmation that it was picked up, so finally I sent an email to ask. Two days later I get a reply to say they will look at it next week. Give me a break; this whole deal is about slowing me down, sandbagging every event, especially in the service realm.

A work day, the first this week. I was staking the newly planted vines and putting a milk carton around them. The latter serves to protect the vulnerable plants from herbicide applications. The stakes are for training the plants vertical in the coming years. Not exciting, especially when the neighboring house owner has suddenly developed a HD habit, making sure to put on the noise for longer and with excessive rev-ing, just so I got plenty of that infernal noise. The road traffic was also cranked up, and they seemed to like to make noise just when I was putting the stake in the ground, or affixing the clip to hold the stake to the wire. Go figure.

Vineyard work again, this time deleafing all day, and then onto my IV vitamin C treatment in preparing myself for radiotherapy in two weeks. I don't seem to get a whole lot from it, save my dental gums are putting on growth after years of recession.

How many sonic weapon attacks do we need, or "health attacks" if you prefer, before the idiotic naysayers finally admit that there just might be such a weapon? US and Canadian embassy personnel were targeted in their own homes, or one instance in a hotel, and could remove themselves from the worst of the attacks. Though it seems others were attacked by way of covert means, and developed symptoms without debilitating sensations. Sure enough, some techo-twit is quoted as saying it is impossible without being in immersed in a pool, and the water delivering the sonic attack. Absurd; where do the find these turkeys, and why do they quote them? According to the CBC radio program "As it Happens", such weapons have been developed for military use, its just now that specific individuals can now be targeted, though seemingly, not actively (trained on them while the target is moving, unlike what I have experienced).

As one who has experienced debilitating beam wave attacks that inflict painful head pains, in my residence, on the street and in hotel rooms, I can say these kind of attacks are very doable and they can be aimed to follow one around. And if you try to protect yourself by putting one's arms over your head, you will buy about 10-20 seconds of relief before the assholes re-aim it, or else increase the intensity after reading one's pain level remotely, and they then re-apply the pains again. The perps pulled this shit in 2002, and some in 2003, and the only defence I had was to be around metal; vehicles, though in fact they may have workarounds for this one too. So here they are, pummeling embassy staff in Cuba, and the press duly trots out some blather about saying it is impossible. If you haven't come to your own determination, the media is stage managed, right down to the last comma. I do believe these attacks are real, but the media isn't doing squat, the UK Guardian is doing better than North American media mush purveyors.

De-leafing in the vineyard all day, with the weather a little warmer than yesterday. The scope of the work increased, so an extra day of work out of the deal. As "usual", the visitations, noise and like perturbations erupt while I am at the row end, and turn 180 degrees to go down the adjacent row. Yesterday, I was asked to help with the dog (hopeless, as it likes to jump on me), help with the ditch digging machine, asked to dig a hole, and the construction types "happened" to arrive when I started the first row. I also got two phone calls at the end of another row as well, and I get about two calls a week on average.

I got nailed for a one hour nap attack when I got back from work today, all the while the text message was pinging on my phone, and I was drifting in and out of sleep. It took 20 minutes being awake before I could get up.

A not-much-done day yesterday (Saturday); a late get-up time and some web surfing, and then it was time for my haircut and leg wax appointment. It was a blonde, or sort-of blonde cutie on the latter. She had blonde on black hair, about half of each, so I didn't know which was for real. I suppose it was yet another blonde variation test. The hair stylist was OK; the glasses didn't help. But plenty of eye candy coursing about, with the odd interjection of a fat girl, and there were at least four of them taking turns to pass by. Plus one major tattoo job, she with a single arm full, and would alternatively have it visible in the mirror on one side, and then somehow arrange for the non-tattoo arm to be visible at other times. Plus some elder folks in the mirror, with those god-awful curlers on. In other words, more babe-bait with visual interjections of the Unfavored. Nothing new there, but this spa, esthetics and hair school is just the perfect place to have lots of activity around me, and all the better with all the mirror, now re-oriented to take in a wider view. (They were rotated from the longer vertical side to now being horizontal in a minor summertime renovation).

And for some reason I got on with vacuum cleaning at my residence afterward, an biweekly event at best, but something I wanted to get onto. The motivation just came on for some reason.

My web surfing has for "some reason" got into some morbid territory, all from Google, lest one think I have gone into the "dark web", whatever that means. Somehow I came across the 2007 Meredith Kercher murder in Perugia, Italy, and the twice accused, twice acquitted Amanda Knox of Seattle, plus her Italian boyfriend. (Curiously, the web site isn't up to date to detail the 2015 appeal, and acquittal; -perhaps the author was too disgusted). Based on the evidence presented on this site, I don't know how they got off, when another seeming accomplice was found guilty, the one who it seems immediately fled and wasn't involved in the clean up. (Footprints of all three were picked up via a forensic light analysis, plus one from each of the acquitted). It seems that there was a whole lot of cleaning up of the evidence that tragic night, but it seems there was still enough to convict based on what I see here, playing armchair prosecutor. And the faked break-in, and the clever lies by both of the co-accused, and also their changing story. But of course there is a bias to this site, but it seems the Italian justice system just didn't want to know, and with a whole lot of myth making from the accused camp, they were acquitted by way of recursive sub-setting (reduction) of the allowable evidence, and didn't allow new evidence to be introduced. And the guy in jail isn't saying anything. The entire justice proceedings outcome just doesn't add up, nor does the rationale for the murder, and makes me wonder if it wasn't some kind of faked show, for whatever reason the perps like to do this. The Seattle connection has me curious too, as I lived there for 3.5 years, 1999 to 2002. A much more spectacular multiple murder was the  Sharon Tate murders of 1969 and it seems that it was faked (86pp!) we now learn from Miles Mathis.

Then onto "Pizzagate", something that didn't play very big here in Canada, but it is just simply appalling that these pedophile rings seem to reach the highest levels and yet nothing is done about it. But then again, it is the same in the UK; Jimmy Savile plied his perversions on children for 50 years, and was never charged. That he was abetted by the BBC is an understatement. And lo, a recent revelation by another of the UK's finest, another knight (aka, "Sir") who also got away, in the Irish slang, meaning that he died before any public accusations or legal proceedings were made. (Lost the links as to the name). Both these perverts rubbed shoulders with the monarchy for crissakes. I don't want to get into this topic too much, as is goes much, much deeper. I just find it curious that for some reason the perps wanted me to know this now.

And if all the above "conspiracy" stuff, (it is not, and I loathe this term as a dumping ground for the don't-want-to-know crowd), wasn't enough, and so today I had another look at 9-11 material. The likelihood of cell phone calls from commercial aircraft don't add up from that altitude and speed, nor do the physics of those aircraft penetrating the World Trade towers, and nor does the Pentagon and Shanksville crash make any physical sense. Rebekah Roth, a former flight attendant, author of Methodical Deception (curiously written as fiction) is speaking to George Noory on youtube (60 min.) and details a number of inconsistencies with the behavior of the flight attendants that fateful day, one of whom was on her cell phone (apparently) for 27 minutes. Also of interest is that there is an expected norm of a six minute response time for military response for hijacked aircraft in the US. Her theory is that the aircraft were flown to a base near Boston, which was under a total evacuation order, and some selected passengers were pulled off to then recite a script on their cell phones. (The calls lacked the characteristic  background noise of an aircraft in flight). This base had sufficient hanger space to hide all four aircraft. Others make the claim, with justification, that there were no aircraft involved in any of the 9-11 crashes. As to what the disposition of the passengers and crew were is murky of course, because Roth suggests that they were gassed inside the aircraft, based on the cell phone calls. Well if the calls were faked by way of a script supplied to selected passengers removed from the aircraft, then we don't really know what happened to them. (One youtube re-plays the message of one flight attendant, and sneaks in, "its a frame" at the very end of the call).

It is all too curious to say the least; the whole 9-11 events aren't anything what they seemed. But I do find it most curious that flight KAL 007, which was apparently shot down as it inadvertently traveled over Soviet airspace, seems to have ditched in the waters after a shrapnel missile from a fighter jet punctured the airframe and caused depressurization, and the passengers rescued, and with so little characteristic debris of a crash. So again, what happened to them all? And why these two disparate aircraft crash events, neither of which fitted the mainstream media descriptions (then or now), end up with live and uninjured passengers, and they all just disappear? It would seem that the 9-11 events were a bigger version of KAL 007, among other events such as the WTC destruction.

Onto matters pedantic and fraught; no wonder the perps had me switch employers this year in mid-season,- they wanted my unemployment application to be big hassle as quitting a job is a red flag for no benefits. No matter that I left one employer and went to the next inside of two days. Now the online application has gone into an infinite loop over "farm income", when I am an employee. Adding to the administrative complexity is that my second employer manages a vineyard for someone else, but also has their own vineyard where I also worked. On top of that, I was paid from the single employer, but in mid-employment they split pay from each source. The perps just love these complications and love to grind victims into these complicated situations that defy online form filling. Never mind that the application app seemed to have failed, per infinite loop.

Enough for a week, and we shall sift through the administrative complications for another time. We cannot have straightforward unemployment benefit applications three years in succession, can we. The perps constantly insist that thing must fuck up.